Research:Expanding Wikipedia articles across languages/Inter language approach/Feedback

Thank you for agreeing to provide feedback on section recommendations! Please read the instructions below before you begin testing.

What are section recommendations and how do they work? Edit

Section recommendations are section headings that could be useful to add to an article. We believe that these section recommendations could be useful for helping editors expand stub articles. Your feedback will help us make sure that we are recommending the right section.

We use machine learning to make these recommendations. The machine learning algorithm that we developed decides what sections to recommend based on the sections that are in similar articles. The algorithm considers similar articles in the current language, as well as other Wikipedia languages.

Right now, we are able to provide section recommendations in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. You can read more about how section recommendations work in the project documentation.

How to give feedback on section recommendations Edit

Annotated screenshot of

We have developed a web-based tool to help you explore section recommendations. You can use this tool to view the beginning of the article, the sections that are already in the article (A), and the sections that our algorithm thinks should be added (B).

Select an article and language and click the "Get recommendations" at the top of the tool. Not all articles have recommendations. You can also click "Skip article" to view a random article.

Note: We do NOT need feedback on the tool itself right now. This tool is only intended to help you test section recommendations. It is not a tool for editing Wikipedia.

Option 1: Give feedback on the talk page Edit

The most valuable way to give feedback is to tell us what you think of the recommendations! You can post your feedback on the dedicated talk page. You can use a language other than English to do so.

When you give feedback about a set of recommendations, please copy/paste the feedback template from the web tool (D) into your talk page message. This will let us know which article, language, and set of recommendations you are providing feedback on.

Option 2: Rating recommendations using the web tool Edit

You can also use the tool to provide the following kinds of feedback (C):

  1. Are the recommended sections relevant to the topic of the article?
  2. Are the recommended section important for the article to have?
  3. Are the recommended sections redundant?
    1. do they cover the same information as any of the sections in the article? (even if they have different titles)
    2. do they cover the same information as any of the other recommended sections?
  4. Would these specific section recommendations be useful for you if you were expanding this article?

Once you have rated the recommendations, click "Submit Ratings" to save them.

Thank you once again for providing feedback!