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Currently, any editor must opt-in to allow other editors to see additional statistics in X!'s edit counter (for that editor). These additional statistics are

  • (a) top namespace edits and
  • (b) monthly edit statistics.

This opt-in was set up because of a law in Germany, where the toolserver is located. Since we are migrating everything from the toolserver to Wikimedia's labs (in the U.S.), this law isn't relevant anymore. There are editors who want to see the monthly stats and top namespace edits for everyone, not just for editors who have opted in.

The question is should we allow this (by disabling opt-in) or whether we should let users still have control over what can be seen in the edit counter (by keeping opt-in). A third option is to allow users to opt-out; if they don't, then all other editors could see their full statistics.

I feel the community should answer this question before taking any initative on this. This discussion has been raised on the English Wikipedia and the outcome is leaning towards removing opt-in requirement. Should the detailed edit counter remain as an opt-in or should it be an opt-out or not opt-able at all?—cyberpower ChatHello! 02:39, 22 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]

For the record
This isn't referring to the toolserver version. The edit counter is being setup on Wikimedia labs. The change will apply to that.

Note also that all of the information that is used by these tools is publicly available and can be used by any person to create an identical tool on another non-WMF server, on which there would be no opt-in or opt-out.

For reference
This is an opted in result, this a not opted-in result. Snowolf How can I help? 14:11, 23 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]