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Greetings, I'm Snowolf.

I've been a Wikipedia reader and registered user since late 2003, and finally became active as an English Wikipedia contributor in January 2007.

I've had the pleasure of serving the English Wikipedia as an administrator since December 2007, when the community entrusted me with the technical ability to (un)block user accounts and IPs, (un)protect and (un)delete pages and perform certain other restricted operations and from July 2012 to December 2013 as an oversighter which means I had some extra tools to hide information that is supposed to be private. I'm also a rather inactive member of the English Wikipedia's Bot Approvals Group, which deals with matters concerning automated and semi-automated editing.

I was also entrusted by the Wikimedia community with the advanced permissions of the Steward role between 2012 and 2016. For the purposes of Steward policy, I identified the English Wikipedia as my homewiki.

I am able to reply to inquiries in English and Italian, but if possible I would ask you to use the former, as it allows for a broader review of the issues by non-Italian speaking Stewards and community members.

I also hold the unified SUL account Snowolf and have a local account with this name on all Wikimedia projects. I also own and hold the unified SUL for a number of test and bot accounts, including but not limited to: Snowbot, SnowbotI, SnowbotII, SnowbotIII, Snowolf on rails, , QueenOfFrance, Snowolftest, Queen of France and SnoWWolf. I am not he:User:SnoWolf.

I am on freenode as Snowolf and QueenOfFrance.

Snowolf How can I help?

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I have, over time, created or maintained a few pages tracking statistics and inactivity for global users.


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