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Marketing includes such topics as materials for promoting the projects, and guidelines for layout, design, and production of new materials, including how to use the project logos and suggest useful materials for translation.

If you create promotional materials for your Wikimedia project please put it and the source of that file here. This way other projects can also make use of it. Please add date, description and a contact person for each file you add here.

There are separate pages for special types of promotional materials (such as Advertisements or Leaflets). On these pages you usually find versions of the text which you can translate into other languages.

Important: To make material usable for print, it should not be licensed under GFDL (the license text wouldn't fit on the flyer, see ;-) When you draft texts for promotional use, as with Press releases, add {{PD notice}} on top.

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Marketing subcommittee edit

The Marketing subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Communications committee. It oversees the use of the project logos and the production of promotional materials for Wikimedia and its projects, specifies visual guidelines, and is the central address point for layout and design questions.

Membership edit

The committee currently consists of three members:

Portfolio: Leaflet, Cheatsheet, Press kit, Wikipedia exhibition (german), Wikipedia ABC (german), Banners
Portfolio: Visual identity guidelines, Business card and letter design, Wikimania 2005 visual identity, German Wikimedia flyers, Wikipedia banners
Portfolio: see User:guillom/portfolio. Currently working on: Wikimedia documents initiative

You can contact us on the talk page or on IRC in #wikimedia-marketing.

The procedure for becoming a member of the committee is simple: submit good work ;-) If you have a skilled hand for design and like creating needed promotion stuff, we're happy to welcome you as new member.

Of course you don't have to be a member to create promotion stuff - but if you do on a regular basis, we're happy to hear from you, review work together and help.


Current tasks edit

If you are a skilled designer, be it professional or amateur, you are welcome to help. Voice your opinion on the drafts or submit your own.

Brochures, Flyers & Postcards edit

Posters (outdated) edit

For Wikipedia presentations on events, you can use printouts of the large PDF version of the logo. These scale reasonably well to A2 and even to A0:


Some magazines give free advertisement space for non-profit projects. If you find one, Benutzer:Sansculotte has created some ads which can be used. See Ads for a gallery

  • de: 1/3 A4 high, 1/3 A4 landscape
jpg: Image:Wikipedia anzeige2.jpg, Image:Wikipedia anzeige2b.jpg, Image:Wikipedia anzeige2c.jpg
pdf: Image:Wikipedia lexikon3 anzeige.pdf, Image:Wikipedia anzeige2c.pdf, Image:Wikipedia anzeige2b.pdf, Image:Wikipedia anzeige2c.pdf
  • en: 1/3 A4 high
jpg: Image:Wikipedia anzeige2ce.jpg, Image:Wikipedia anzeige2ce.jpg
pdf: Image:Wikipedia_anzeige2en.pdf
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