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因此,維基媒體基金會希望從社群中收集關於我們所有人如何更一致地就我們的集體工作進行交流的見解,並更好地突出整個維基媒體運動中社群的貢獻。 在接下來的幾個月中,我們將舉辦焦點小組討論和在線討論,以收集這些見解。各個焦點小組將包括10-15名志願者,作為便利討論的一部分,他們將被要求就有關就如何改進維基媒體運動工作之溝通方式分享見解。

Dates may be subject to change.

  • Now: Focus groups have been completed.
  • Now: Online discussions happening on the talk page.
  • Now–March 2021: Compiling insight from the focus groups and online discussion into a draft report for review and feedback on Meta. Review period to be scheduled.

Get involved

How can we best communicate with your community on an ongoing basis? In what ways does the Foundation currently support your work? We ask you to share your thoughts on these and other questions. While the focus groups have now concluded, the discussion remains open on the talk page, and members of the Communications department are available for scheduled meetings.

Focus groups

Focus groups have now concluded. They brought together community members representing different regions, interests and areas of expertise to discuss their objectives, the obstacles they face, and the ways in which more consistent and comprehensive communications could support their work. Each group was made up of approximately 10–15 community members, and lasted for 90 minutes. Each participant received a short list of questions to consider in preparation for the focus group.

Community members were invited to express interest in a focus group by filling out a survey from mid-November until 2 December. The survey is now closed. Survey responses are being reviewed in order to make the groupings and accommodate as many people as possible.

Participants selected for focus groups were able to apply for funds to cover their attendance.

Meta discussion

Join the conversation on the talk page, in any language.

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Office hours

Members of the Communications department will be holding office hours to discuss ideas and answer any questions.

The first office hour will be held in English at the following time, with additional times in other languages to be determined based on level of interest. Recordings will be made available after.

Schedule a meeting

Want to discuss communications between the communities and the Foundation in detail? Schedule an individual or group meeting with a member of the Communications department by emailing movementcomms(_AT_), or leaving a message on the talk page.

What happens next?

The insights gathered will be turned into a report that will be published for review by communities before being finalized. The final report, along with ongoing discussions and opportunities for input, will be used to inform how communications might be used to build greater understanding of movement work.