Users' physical security, real concern or just WMF media advertising?

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The WMF seems to have assumed some users concerns about the safety and health of Iranian users as a joke. For the sake of public awareness, the families of a number of those killed in November's events in Iran intend to sue the Foundation for providing a safe space for the organized dissemination of misleading information, as well as using Wikipedia to defame dissidents (living or dead).

On the other hand, some of the older users of Persian Wikipedia (8 to now) are filing a completely different complaint so that the ruling band of Persian Wikipedia will not be able to stop any dissident and independent users. In fact, "physical removal" is a common word among sysops in the gang. I know that threatening the law is forbidden, and I reiterate that it is forbidden for us to die, be tortured, and be displaced anymore! @Base, Trijnstel, Matiia, Jyothis, and Green Giant: Your irresponsible and negligent comments do not last forever without compromising the lives, health and freedom of users. Now the true dimensions and the number and depth of the presence of the Islamic regime's interests in Persian Wikipedia are better known. The strategy of the Foundation has considered the security, safety and health of the users the most important principle, and so I intend to make it clear that any user who compromises events by simply neglecting and compromising the physical and mental health of my compatriots in Iran will be strongly pursued. I'm willing to leave the continents behind for this matter, if some fail to remove me physically. I had to change my username for my own safety, but no matter who the callers are, they promise to repeat it. I have disclosed my phone number to less than 5 people, how is it in the hands of unknown threatening people?

It is time for the foundation to test its will to protect its users and ideals.Unknownfauser (talk) 06:49, 6 March 2020 (UTC)

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I'm sorry to hear your phone number ended up in the wrong hands. Sadly, the possible sources one would need to check are innumerable: leaks of phone numbers from apps happen all the time, although we get to know only of the bigger ones like Google and Twitter. As a first line of defense, libre Android developers suggest to use a free software contact book like opencontacts to start with. However, this only helps if all your friends and contacts do the same.
There is a lot more we could do to improve our users' (cyber)security, frankly. On the simple side of the spectrum, WMF could help get a Farsi translation of and other similar resources by friendly and competent groups like FSF, La Quadrature du Net and Freedom of the Press, then make sure it's distributed to all users. On the hardest side, we could try to distribute freedom-certified hardware to the most active and at-risk users. A middle way might involve in-person training with technical help to assess and fix one's devices. Nemo 07:30, 6 March 2020 (UTC)
I am going to assume that you are referring to the confirmation comments I made for Mardetanha. As I mentioned in the comment, I totally understand the situation that exists in the country. What I have been trying to do is to separate the the country level problems with what the individual volunteer is bringing to the table. The confirmation process was for reviewing to see if the person is still fit to do the job. In my experience, Mardetanha has been proactive is protecting him self and his access to the tools. If we have evidence to prove that he breached the community's trust, we would be happy to review and correct our stands. I hold no ego or prejudice in the matter and would be happy to help in any way I can. Just for clarity, Stewards group is not directly part of foundation itself. We all are volunteers just like you who spends time supporting our awesome band of heroes who generate the free knowledge base for the world to use. This used to be foundation appointed volunteers back in the days and that is no longer the case. I would humbly request to spare the allegation on WMF in that topic. From my previous experience, WMF do care. --Jyothis (talk) 02:15, 13 March 2020 (UTC)

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Apologies. I posted here first and then realized it was on the other side. :) --Jyothis (talk) 03:04, 13 March 2020 (UTC)

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Please review RFC call to action translations

Please review these translations for the Requests for comment/Ask the US government to require open access to federally sponsored research RFC. I am unfamiliar with the translations process and need help. Please note that there are only four days remaining for the deadline on this item. Thank you. EllenCT (talk) 10:23, 12 March 2020 (UTC)

Translations are typically done at Meta:Babylon talkpage. @EllenCT:. Regards,--Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 10:26, 12 March 2020 (UTC)

Withdrawn. The deadline passed March 16. EllenCT (talk) 03:32, 22 March 2020 (UTC)

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Broken Babel templates for Mandarin Chinese (cmn)

Currently, {{#babel:en}}, which should be for English, displays the same message as {{#babel:cmn}}, which should be for Mandarin Chinese, as well as all of their respective levels. What would be the way to go about fixing this?

User language
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
Users by language
User language
cmn-N This user has a native understanding of Mandarin Chinese.
Users by language

Your help is greatly appreciate, please ping me if you reply. The Editor's Apprentice (talk) 18:22, 20 March 2020 (UTC)

English is always the default if the language is unknown. When did this first start happening? --DannyS712 (talk) 18:37, 20 March 2020 (UTC)
I have no idea when it started happening, I just noticed. The Editor's Apprentice (talk) 22:26, 20 March 2020 (UTC)
Its not just babel. Filing a bug report --DannyS712 (talk) 22:31, 20 March 2020 (UTC)
phab:T248210 --DannyS712 (talk) 22:33, 20 March 2020 (UTC)
Intriguing, thank you very much for your prompt responses and action. I am curious to see how this develops. The Editor's Apprentice (talk) 22:39, 20 March 2020 (UTC)
An additional note, on other sites, such English Wikipedia, {{#babel:cmn}} displays the sentence "This user has basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese." which is a confusing mix since it is written in English, but correctly identified the language as Mandarin Chinese. —The Editor's Apprentice (talk) 00:03, 21 March 2020 (UTC)