Leadership Development Working Group/Call for feedback on the draft shared leadership definition/gpe

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TL;DR: Leadership Development Working Group prepare de draft leadership definition wey e make ready for community dema feedback!

We beg make you share your feedback for our Meta-Wiki talk page, the feedback form (Google docs link), or de Movement Strategy Forum top. You fi to email directly we for leadershipworkinggroup(_AT_)wikimedia.org. We dey collect feedback til October 6, 2022.

Hi everybro!

I dey hope say you be aware say de Leadership Development Working Group (LDWG) dey job over de few months wey pass so say dem go formulate den find ways dem go nurture de leadership for wana movement inside. De LDWG be group of Wikimedia volunteers wey dey represent chaw communities, languages, roles, den experiences. We make please say we dey inform de community say wana draft definition of leadership be available now for community dema feedback. Dem write dis first draft definition of leadership after months discussion, learning, den sharing wey comot wana community perspective. De Wikimedia Movement, wey be nature diverse den distinctive for hin way, dey address expressly dis definition.

We beg make you consider dey go thru de definition den make you make we kno what you dey think by October 6, 2022. De draft definition dey include general definition of leadership den subcategories wey dey elaborate for de actions, qualities, den outcomes for good leadership top.

Chaw places dey where you fi express your ideas, suggestions, den comments, like de Meta-Wiki talk page, the feedback form, den de Movement Strategy Forum. You fi to email we directly for leadershipworkinggroup(_AT_)wikimedia.org.

You fi to check de general definition, den de subcategories wey dey align plus your idea of leadership for de movement inside. You sanso fi try find de gaps, maybe sum leader hin qualities or anything else wey dem miss for de draft definition inside or you fi check de definition wey dey apply to all cultural, linguistic, community or oda contexts for de movement den make you share your thoughts plus we.

Together, make we celebrate de movement hin diverse den distinctive leadership!