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The Interim Global Council (IGC) is an initiative from the Movement Strategy recommendation 4. It is described as a temporary committee to oversee the development of a Movement Charter and the establishment of a Global Council, and to play a leadership role in supporting the implementation of Movement Strategy. The IGC should be representative of the diversity of the movement and openly and transparently collaborating with communities. The IGC will dissolve once the Global Council is established according to the Movement Charter.

A more specific, narrow-focus proposed implementation of this concept is at Movement Charter/Committee.

In drafting the recommendations, communities identified having a representative Global Council as an urgent need in the movement. The Global Council would be established by the Movement Charter. Since the Movement Charter itself may take some time to write, the IGC was thought of as a temporary solution to get implementation rolling and to have communities directly involved with governance.

Implementation of the Interim Global Council was discussed at various Wikimedia events, including its dedicated online Global Conversations on 23-24 January 2021.

Functions of the Interim Global Council as per RecommendationEdit

Develop the Movement CharterEdit

The IGC would oversee the development of the Movement Charter in consultation with communities, organizations, and subject matter experts. The Movement Charter would lay values, principles, and policies for new and existing movement structures, such as the Global Council.

Transfer of responsibilitiesEdit

The IGC would design an independent and transparent process, along with an independent legal assessment, to transfer certain responsibilities and authorities to the appropriate movement-led bodies. In this process, the IGC would engage with the Board of Trustees to identify areas of its current responsibilities that must be transferred to achieve the goals of the recommendations. The eventual Global Council's responsibilities would include any responsibilities identified by the Interim Global Council as needing to be delegated by the Board.

Oversee the Implementation of Movement StrategyEdit

The IGC would play a leadership role in supporting the implementation of the Movement Strategy.


The IGC is a temporary committee and will dissolve after the Movement Charter is finalized and the Global Council is established. The IGC will not automatically become the Global Council.

Tentative timelineEdit

  • November 2020: Start of conversations on establishing an Interim Global Council
  • December 2020: Global framing and scoping
  • January - February 2021: Continued scoping, focused planning
  • March 2021: Setup


Composition that balances representation and functionality

Actively support engagement of underrepresented groups and emerging Wikimedia communities

  • Fair estimation of the required time commitment
  • Compensation for participation (e.g. data / internet, childcare)
  • Translation support
  • Balancing existing privileges in the movement and overrepresentation

Resources and support for the IGC to function well

  • Supporting staff, access to expertise
  • Time for team building / onboarding
  • Assigning internal roles

Discussion for the Global Conversations and follow-upsEdit

One-pager summary of the Global Conversations.

(1) Composition

  • Define the needed skills to deliver the tasks
  • Define clearly the groups and voices that need to be represented
  • Define the size to ensure the functionality of a temporary structure
  • Define the process - selection / election / appointment / combination

(2) Operation and Tasks

  • Scoping to set success criteria - what should, could, and must the IGC accomplish?
  • Decide what is the most urgent to start, e.g. drafting the Movement Charter or leading the implementation of Movement Strategy
  • One single IGC delivering all of the functions, or
  • Three internal working groups to focus on specific tasks, such as (1) the Movement Charter, (2) set up of the Global Council, and (3) oversight of the Movement Strategy implementation
  • Define criteria and process for ratification of the Movement Charter

(3) Relationship