IRC/Migrating to Libera Chat/Confirmed accounts

Until we have cloaks and everything set up, to verify IRC accounts on libera we rely on users making an edit with their account confirming their IRC account name or cloak in the edit content or summary.

Entries in the list beginning with "user/" are Libera cloaks ("branded" cloaks are not available yet). The name of the account can be extracted from the cloak by stripping that prefix.


  1. Make an edit, eg to your user page, along the lines of "Confirming that {cloak} is me on Libera"
  2. Join #wikimedia-auth on Libera Chat and add a link to your edit
  3. A channel operator will check your edit, add it below, and grant you "voiced" status in the IRC channel



For editors who utilize IRCCloud to access IRC, a direct user match can be made, with the follow pre-requisites:

  • Your SID/UID must match
  • You must have a wiki(p/m)edia cloak or countervandalism cloak on Freenode

List of confirmed users