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This is the user page for BureibuNeko,

If you have any questions, please leave a message on my discussion page.

I am mainly active in Chinese Wikipedia, so I recommend that you contact me in Chinese Wikipedia.

About MeEdit

I come from a small city in Liaoning Province of the people's Republic of China. My mother tongue is simplified Chinese and I know a little English, so I can help to forward some requests.

What am I doing?Edit

At present, my main task on metawiki is to forward the verification request of local users of Chinese Wikipedia and assist other new users to apply for global IP blocking immunity. (if I can, I also hope to help with the user name change, but there is already a special interface, so...)And now I will also forward the local (Chinese Wikipedia) CU request.

Now, I'll process the messages to the info-zh queue.

Where I am What I am
 Global  Global IP block exemption,  VRT member
 meta  IP block exemption,  Autopatrollers
 zhwiki  Patroller,  Rollbacker,  IP block exemption,  Mass message senders,  Importer
 enwiki  IP block exemption