ImprovedWikiImprovment (IWI), formerly WikiImprovment78 is a global user of Wikimedia foundation websites, primarily to the English and Simple English Wikipedias. He joined on the 31st July 2014 at 17:22 BST[citation needed] via his old account, WikiImprovment78, which he forgot the password for in mid-2018.

Current Signature: IWI (chat)


His first ever edit on Wikipedia took place on the (English) Brominated vegetable oil page where he simply added a "closed" next to the fact that PepsiCo had a petition against them using it on He made this edit at 17:27 BST, just 5 minutes after creating his account. He was sparse on his edits (and clueless) until mid-2015 when he began to edit more often and by mid-2016 he started to make it more serious.

After forgetting his password in 2018 and forgetting to add an e-mail address to his account, he was forced to create a new one, this account. To say the least, this upset him...