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Welcome to this project's final report! This report shares the outcomes, impact and learnings from the grantee's project.

Part 1: The ProjectEdit


Link to annual report (more complete) ː Les sans pagEs/Report 2019

Project GoalsEdit

Project ImpactEdit

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Other : final remarks from geographical groupsEdit



We had planned to organize 3 edit-a-thons + 1 workshop around female youtubers and wikipedia + "keep in touch" with other Les sans pagEs groups

"3 editathons : create a local movement"

  • 2 edit-a-thons on "Women and Science" and "Women and Astronomy" with our partner La Casemate (04/25/2018 and 03/08/2019)
  • 1 edit-a-thon on the Gender Gap within the #EllesFest festival with our partner Le Magasin des Horizons (09/08/2018)
  • 1 mini-edit-a-thon about "Juliette Bertho" (female film director from Grenoble) with the Cinémathèque of Grenoble (11/21/2018)

We managed to get a range of Grenoble actors aware of the Gender Gap issue and establish links for the future.

"Workshop : Women on Wikipedia through Women on Youtube"

This project coulnd't be organized because of a series of reasons :

  • personal reasons took time out of my agenda and this project demanded a lot of organizationnal work
  • our main partner (La Casemate), which was supposed to host it, had their venue burned down by a criminal fire (still not fixed after one year and a half)
  • the WikiConvention Francophone took place in Grenoble (WMFrance announced it only after the grant was confirmed), which took energy from the local group and saturated the calendar for partners

Fortunately, a new Les sans pagEs group ("Méditerranée") was created in the meantime, and the remaining of our funds could be transfered to them.

I still hope we can make such an event happen in the future, maybe gathering more partners in order to have everything properly financed (including organizational work).

Keeping in touch

  • I (Opsylac) could participate in two edit-a-thons, one in Paris and one in Sion.
  • I was trained to use the dashboard instruments at the WikiConvention
  • Aude, other user from Grenoble, participated in the MAMCO edit-a-thon in Geneva.



Description / HistoryEdit

2017 : Beginning within the framework of the GLAM agreement between the Hérault Departmental Archives and Wikimedia France The Women and Feminism (Hérault) Contribution Workshops on Wikipedia are offered by the Hérault Departmental Archives, It is a friendly moment, each person brings what they want to eat and drink for a shared meal. Wikipermamence of February 6, 2017 Wikipermamence of February 6, 2017 Wikipermamence of February 6, 2017

2018 : Increasing skills The workshops "femmes et féminisme (Hérault)" is an event proposed as part of the partnership between the Hérault Departmental Archives, Wikimedia France and Montpel'libre. These workshops aim to bridge the gender gap, make women more visible in Wikipedia and bring more women into the contribution. It is a time slot where people gather to discover Wikipedia, write, edit, translate or illustrate an article. Participants can either create an account on Wikipedia in advance, or create one the same day, and come (if possible) to the Wikipermanence with a computer. The space has a few computer workstations but you should not hesitate to bring your own equipment. The Archives offers documentary files ready to be used to feed existing pages or to create new ones, but all proposals for articles and biographies are welcome. The idea is to write about what affects us first and foremost.

September 2018 : Participation in the creation of a group specific to the Mediterranean : lsp med The Hérault Departmental Archives wanted to join the movement of those without Mediterranean pages. The event is then always proposed as part of the partnership between the Hérault Departmental Archives, Wikimedia France and Montpel'libre. In the form of wikipermanences, the stated objective is to help bridge the gender gap, make women more visible in Wikipedia and bring more women into the contribution. The new title of the wikipermanence is "History of women in the Hérault". The Archives offers documentary files ready to be used to feed existing pages or to create new ones, but all proposals for articles and biographies are welcome.

2019 : Setting up Archiwiki Matrimoine workshops The Hérault Departmental Archives continue their participation in the movement of the non-Mediterranean pagEs, and maintain the holding of recurrent workshops to help contribute to the history of Hérault women, taking the name "Archiwiki" from January 2019 onwards: understanding the contraction of the term Archives and Wiki. The Archives also confirms its place within the overall GLAM project (acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums). New in 2019: the workshops are held on the first Saturday of the month



  1. September 2016: signature of the Wikimedia France agreement and the Hérault Departmental Archives - GLAM project
  2. November 14, 2016: Wikimedia conference in pierresvives
  3. November 25, 2017 - 1st Editathon "Women and Feminism in Hérault" organized in pierresvives
  4. March 17 2018 - 2nd Editathon "Women of science" with Montpellier University, Montpel'libre, les sans pagEs and the Hérault Departmental Archives " at the University Library


  1. January-June 2018 - Monthly workshops in the form of wikipermanences "Women and Feminism in Hérault" organized in pierresvives, every first Tuesday of the month 6pm-9pm. As part of the SanspagEs project. Animation provided by Montpel'libre and the mediators of the Hérault Departmental Archives
  2. September-December 2018 - Monthly workshops in the form of wikipermanences "History of women in the Hérault" organized in pierresvives, every first Tuesday of the month 6pm-9pm. Within the framework of the project of the SanspagEs/Méditerranée. Animation provided by Montpel'libre
  3. January-July 2019 - Archiwiki Hérault workshops, every first Saturday of the month 10am-1pm. Alternating between the Archiwiki Patrimoine and the Archiwiki Matrimoine de l'Hérault (animation provided by the SanspagEs and the Hérault County Archives)
Assessment after 2 years of workshopsEdit
  1. 40 items created
  2. About twenty s trained in the contribution
  3. A Wikipedia woman trained to train and supervise new contributors, and elected to the Board of Directors of Wikimedia France in November 2019



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Methods and activitiesEdit

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Project resourcesEdit

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What worked wellEdit

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I've tried three times to build a learning pattern. 3 times i rewrote everything and everything was lost upon publishing. I dont have the time and energy to restart again, sorry.

  • developping synergies among participants and create a sense of community around the francophone gender gap issue
  • the number of events, pubished articles and press review
  • Your learning pattern link goes here

What didn’t workEdit

What did you try that you learned didn't work? What would you think about doing differently in the future? Please list these as short bullet points.

  • budgeting by geographical group turned out to be time consuming, difficult to enact remotely, and not flexible at all. Some groups are very active and develop finacial needs whereas others were not able to fulfil the objectives and we had to reallot the budgets to other geographical locations which took time and energy.
  • we did not manage to write quality articles, this objective was not met, because the project worked so well that we were caught in activities of training newbies.


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Next steps and opportunitiesEdit

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Part 2: The GrantEdit


Actual spendingEdit

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DRAFT: it has not received final approval from Nattes à chat

Expense Approved amount Actual funds spent Difference
Nantes local group funding - CHF 2,028 1,448.80 - 579.20
Grenoble local group funding - CHF 505 684.55 + 179.55
Paris local group funding - CHF 1,507 1,994.97 + 487.97
Sion local group funding - CHF 3,269 3,569.95 + 300.95 variation under 10%
Mediterranean local group funding - CHF 3,095 4,526.98 + 1,431.98 due to

1- wrong forecast as 2018 expenses reported lately when updating budget/expenses at 2018 review 2-actual costs of 1,500 CHF per half year. i.e. 4,500 spent over Grant duration

Geneva local group funding - CHF 1,200 1,284.88 + 84.88 variation under 10%
Web site - CHF 250 1,175.21 - 925.21 due to

1- annual cost underestimated (587 CHF per year) 2- renewal period in 2nd Qt --> two period considered over Grant duration

Travel cost - CHF 7,486 8,013.67 + 167.67 variation under 10%
Project manager - CHF 2,000 2,299.80 + 299.80
Total 21,700 24,998.81 + 3,298.81

Remaining fundsEdit

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Confirmation of project statusEdit

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Grantee reflectionEdit

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