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Les sans pagEs UserGroup mission

The Les sans pagEs is a community effort and an association for users who work on issues related to gender biases and more generally to diversity (territorial, cultural, linguistic, generational, gender, attitudinal and ability, etc.) within the French speaking wikimedia movement.

We seek to proactively

  • reduce the gender gap and the gender bias on Wikipedia articles by meeting, attracting and training contributors who understand gender gap issues in Wikipedia and create articles accordingly;
  • seek for more Gender equity and make the Wikipedia community more inclusive by meeting, attracting, training, and showing appreciation to new contributors especially underrepresented communities;
  • make the Wikimedia community more diverse and engaged by promoting cross-project cooperation and synergy on gender bias and issues and encouraging participants to find resources and support in the Wikimedian movement to facilitate scale-up;
  • training facilitators and contributors who want to set up a new project especially related to womynx, LGBTIQ and minorities or subjects that are underrepresented and / or suffering from representation biases on the francophone Wikipedia.

See our project main page

The main objective of the UserGroup is to increase diversity and reduce the gender bias and the gender gap within Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement in general:

  • enrich the contents concerning womynx, gender and groups under-represented in Wikimedia projects (especially in French);
  • offering space, support and training to people who want to collaborate on projects;
  • coordinating people in order to involve more womynx to write on Wikipedia and to improve the quality of the entries;
  • creating events, meetings, edit-a-thons, conferences, campaigns aimed at raising awareness of women's and gender issues and increasing the Wikimedia movement worldwide;
  • collaborating with other groups that have similar goals: WikiWomen, Wikimujeres, Art + Feminism, Whose Knowledge?, WikiDonne, LGBT, Wiki Loves Women etc.

Our editing activities in 2019

Overview edit

Interactive map of victims

A guiding theme over the year, Witches edit

A big focus in the editing activities of the year has been witches and in particular victims of witch hunting. Here are some of the elements implemented

  1. A list of witches victims of witch-hunting has been established during the year and editing activities dedicated to the creation of relevant biographies : Liste de victimes de chasses aux sorcières
  2. A map to display places where witches were executed w:fr:Projet:Les sans pagEs/Carte des sorcières notoires, with date, death type and description when relevant
  3. The annual meeting of the group took place in Sion (Switzerland), a city with a very rich history, in particular associated with witch hunting. Sion also hosts a LSP group of historians. Accordingly, the leadership decided the annual meeting would be themed and the week-end was the opportunity for city visits of witch-related buildings and history with an historian and middle ages manuscript archivist expert on the subject, as well as photo-hunting and editing on the witchery topic. See : w:fr:Projet:Les sans pagEs/Valais/Week-end sorcières for more information. Those activities will continue in 2020.
  4. A Wiki loves love campaign on Wikipedia was run in collaboration with the commons campaign

High volume of articles created or improved edit

1604 articles were created or improved in 2019, on many different topics (not limited to witches...) Total views for the articles indexed by the projet ː

  • jan 2019 4539 indexed articles, 1 443 701 views. Most viewed articlesː Louane, Frida Kahlo, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Blanche Gardin
  • dec 2019 6243 indexed articles, 1 900 509 views. Most viewed articles ː Camille Lellouche, Clara Luciani, Frida Kahlo, Louane.

Participants increase edit

97 participants proactively added newly created articles over the year [1]. This seems the best indicator to measure active participation to the project, as people do this willingly (and regularly).
Newly indexed articles by les sans pagEs

Our main local groups and main initiatives edit

Our main local groups Our main initiatives pages in 2019
  1. Femmes et Féminisme Nantes [1]
  2. Archiwiki Montpellier [2]
  3. Les sans pagEs Méditerranée [3]
  4. Les sans pagEs Tunis [4]
  5. Les sans pagEs Genève [5]
  6. Les sans pagEs Paris [6]
  7. Les sans pagEs Valais [7]
  • Wikimidi [8]
  • Wikimercredis Musique [9]
  • Wikimercredis MAMCO [10]
  • 100femmes [11]
  • Anthropologues collecteuses conteuses oubliées [12]
  • Ecrire pour les droits - Marseille [13]
  • Archiwiki Matrimoine (Hérault) [14]
  • Week-end Sorcières [15]
  • 100elles [16]
  • Femmes au Père Lachaise [17]
  • Wikisource Autrices [18]
  • Wikipedia for Peace Tunis [19]
  • March 8th Wiki4Women [20]
  • Wiki Loves love [21]

Detailed editing activities organized by the groups edit

Process note : tracking activities
Groups are asked to fill out a dashboard within a sans pages campaign and to write a report both on their project pages and on the news feed of the main project page.

Dashboard for 2019

In 2019 we hosted 49 programs .

You can check all project pages on French Wikipédia. More qualitative reporting can be found:

  • In the News archive page (if participants provided a report)
  • Or in the Calendar archive page (if participants added their event to the global calendar)
  • Or on the local group dedicated page (if the event is part of a regular weekly or monthly activity hosted locally)
  • Or on a specific initiative page (such as the Père Lachaise cemetery visit)

Here are the main activities as per these written reports:

Ateliers Femmes et Féminisme (Nantes) edit

This AFFs group is a fairly active group in the city of Nantes (west of France). It was created in March 2016. It hosts contribution events twice a week. Participation is open only upon registration and is governed by a rather strict charter. The group beneficiated from financing by les sans pagEs until june 2019, after which it was functionning independently.

All local events organized by lesAff in 2019

  • mercredi 9 janvier 2019, 18h30-21h30
  • samedi 26 janvier 2019, 14h-18h
  • mercredi 13 février 2019, 18h30-21h30
  • samedi 23 février 2019, 14h-18h
  • mercredi 13 mars 2019, 18h30-21h30
  • samedi 30 mars 2019, 14h-18h
  • mercredi 10 avril 2019, 18h30-21h30
  • samedi 27 avril 2019, 14h-18h
  • mercredi 15 mai 2019, 18h30-21h30
  • samedi 25 mai 2019, 14h-18h Atelier hors les murs
  • mercredi 12 juin 2019, 18h30-21h30
  • dimanche 16 juin 2019, Forum des assos, 10h-18h
  • mercredi 11 septembre 2019, 18h30-21h30
  • samedi 21 septembre 2019, journées du matrimoine, école de Longchamp, 14h-18h
  • dimanche 22 septembre 2019, journées du matrimoine, Bains Douches, 10-12h et 14-16h
  • samedi 28 septembre 2019, 14h-18h, Médiagraph
  • samedi 5 octobre 2019, Fête des sciences, École centrale
  • mercredi 9 octobre 2019, 18h30-21h30, Atelier du château
  • samedi 26 octobre 2019, 14h-18h, Médiagraph
  • mercredi 13 novembre 2019, 18h30-21h30, Atelier du château
  • samedi 16 novembre et dimanche 17 novembre 2019, Musée d'Art Contemporain
  • samedi 30 novembre 2019, 14h-18h, Médiagraph
  • samedi 7 décembre, Festival cinéma expérimental PRISME
  • mercredi 11 décembre 2019, 18h30-21h30, Atelier du château


Les sans pagEs/Valais edit

This group was created in 2016 in the Valais area (in Switzerland) was moderately active in 2019 but generously and efficiently hosted the annual meeting of les sans pagEs in June.

All local events organized by les sans pagEs Valais in 2019
  • Permanence du 25 janvier 2019
  • Permanence du 22 mars 2019
  • Week-end Les sans pagEs 29 et 30 juin 2019 (see dedicated paragraph)

Archiwiki Matrimoine edit

This is a group very active in the Montpellier area (South of France). This group operates in partnership with a GLAM institution (Archives départementales de l'Hérault). Recurrent workshops are oriented toward the history of women from this region. The group is taking the name "Archiwiki" from January 2019 onwards: understanding the contraction of the term Archives and Wiki.

All local events organized by Archiwiki Matrimoine in 2019
  1. Samedi 2 février 2019 à Montpellier, Atelier de l'histoire. report;
  2. Samedi 2 mars 2019 à Montpellier, Atelier de l'histoire. report;
  3. Samedi 4 mai 2019 à Montpellier, Atelier de l'histoire. dashboard, report
  4. Samedi 6 juillet 2019 à Montpellier, Atelier de l'histoire. dashboard, report ;
  5. Samedi 5 octobre 2019 à Montpellier, Atelier de l'histoire. dashboard, report.
  6. Samedi 7 décembre 2019 à Montpellier, Atelier de l'histoire. dashboard.


Wikimidis Genève edit

This very active historical group is hosting wikipermanences every week in Geneva (Switzerland), referred to as Wikimidi during lunch time, hosted at Geneva University. Some of the work done in 2019 was organized around a list of 100 notable women established by University of Geneva. A cooperation between the department in charge of gender equality at Geneva University and les sans pagEs made it possible to create many articles and wikidata entries about those women.

Another activity organized during those sessions lead to the addition of numerous pictures of street plates in Geneva. This initiative amplified the work done by a feminist association in Geneva, whose members launched https://100elles.ch, intending to add temporary street plate with the names of notable women standing side by side with the actual plate (featuring a man). This project used the past project Biographies des femmes en Suisse Romande which is LSP ancestor (or predecessor before the creation on the project).

During 2019, specific edit-a-thons were organized on Wenesday, dedicated to Music ad Politics. Those were organized in partnership with AMR : Wikimercredi musique.

Local events organized by les sans pagEs Genève in 2019 (but Mamco)
  • Wikimidi 20 December 2019 à Genève Uni Dufour-Novae
  • Wikimidi 13 December 2019 à Genève Uni Dufour-Novae
  • Wikimidi 6 December 2019 à Genève Uni Dufour-Novae
  • Wikimercredi Musique 4 December 2019 à Genève Uni Dufour-Novae
  • Wikimidi 29 November 2019 à Genève Uni Dufour-Novae
  • Wikimidi 22 November 2019 à Genève Uni Dufour-Novae
  • Wikimidi 15 November 2019 à Genève Uni Dufour
  • Wikimidi 8 November à la FER (Service Egalité UNIGE) - Launch of 100Women campaign
  • Wikimercredi Musique 6 November 2019 à Genève
  • Wikimidi 1 November 2019 à Genève
  • Wikimidi 25 October 2019 à Genève
  • Wikimidi 18 October 2019 à Genève
  • Wikimercredi Musique 12 October 2019 à Genève
  • Wikimidi 11 October 2019 à Genève
  • Wikimidi 3 October 2019
  • Wikimidi 27 September 2019
  • Wikimidi 20 September 2019
  • Wikimidi 13 September 2019
  • Wikimidi 28 June 2019
  • Wikimidi 21 June 2019
  • Info booth at Parc des Bastions 15 June 2019
  • Wikimidi 14 June 2019
  • Wikimidi 7 June 2019
  • Wikimidi 31 May 2019
  • Wikimidi 24 May 2019
  • Wikimidi 17 May
  • Wikimidi 10 May
  • Wikimidi 3 May
  • Wikimidi 26 April
  • Wikimidi 19 April
  • Wikimidi 12 April
  • Wikimidi 4 April
  • Wikimidi 27 March at Bibliothèque du Musée d'Art et d'Histoire
  • Wikimidi 22 March
  • Wikimidi 8 March on Art+Feminisme theme
  • Wikimidi 1er March 2019
  • Wikimidi 22 February
  • Wikimidi 15 February 2019
  • Wikimidi 8 February 2019
  • Wikimidi 1er February 2019
  • Wikimidi 25 January 2019
  • Wikimidi 21 January 2019
  • Wikimidi 18 January 2019
  • Wikimidi 7 January 2019

Source + Wikimidi page

Besides the list of 100 women, the LSP group also partnered with the Geneva University to organize a writing contest related to LGBTIQ issues mentioned during the Continuun exhibition. The Continuum contest ran from October 2018 to January 2019. 24 articles were created and 3 improved during this contest. The winners received a certificate delivered by the equal opportunity office of UNIGE.

This group also organized WikiMercrediMAMCO on Wenesdays. 2 sessions were held during the year. Those workshops are organized in partnership with Wikimedia CH.

Local events organized by les sans pagEs MAMCO in 2019

  • Wikimercredi 19 June - MAMCO
  • Wikimercredi 10 April - MAMCO

Les sans pagEs Paris edit

The participants to this very active group organize one event per month in Paris.
events are hosted at La Gaîté Lyrique, a digital arts and modern music centre in Paris. La Gaïté Lyrique also hosts a resource centre, which functions as a modern library. Its collections include 1500 books, 200 periodicals, 150 art catalogues, and other material. Sessions operate with a different theme each month.
Other events focusing on WikiSource (Wikisource Autrices) are hosted during the week-end in Wikimedia France office generally combining with the dates of the event at the Gaité Lyrique.
Finally, other events take place in a less regular manner, depending on opportunities or propositions from interested third parties.

{{Collapse |1=

  • 4 January 2019: meeting with the France 2 Télévision team to discuss the fr:Projet:Les sans pagEs/Paris/Femmes au Père Lachaise project
  • 12 January 2019: Dashboard Femmes dans le domaine public - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 12 January 2019: Atelier Wikisource Autrices - in Wikimedia France office
  • 9 February 2019: dashboard - Femmes, musiques et cinémas - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 9 Février 2019: Atelier Wikisource Autrices - in Wikimedia France office
  • 16 March 2019: dashboard Femmes et informatique - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 16 March 2019: Atelier Wikisource Autrices - in Wikimedia France office
  • 6 April 2019: [[wmfdashboard:courses/Gaïté_Lyrique/ArtPlusFeminism_-_Avril_2019_(avr) dashboard] - Art+Féminisme - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 7 April 2019 : Visit to Père Lachaise Cemetary then edit-a-thon in Wikimedia France office.
  • 17 April 2019 : Journée de la femme digitale à la Maison de la Radio
  • 21 April 2019 : Projet:Reset at La Mutinerie
  • 27 April 2019 : Contribution session at Centre Culturel Suisse related to Art+Feminism
  • 25 May 2019: Atelier Wikisource Autrices - in Wikimedia France office
  • 25 May 2019: dashboard Cyberféminisme - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 15 and 16 June 2019: dashboard - Afrocyberféminismes - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 22 September 2019: dashboard - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 21-22 September 2019: Atelier Wikisource Autrices - in Wikimedia France office
  • 09 October 2019: Anthropologues collecteuses conteuses oubliées - Médiathèque Louis Pergaud
  • 12 October 2019: dashboard - Femmes Sonores - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 23 October 2019: Presentation of the Witch Map
  • 2 November 2019: Atelier Wikisource Autrices - in Wikimedia France office
  • 3 November 2019: dashboard - Femmes d'Asie, femmes en Asie - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 7 December 2019: dashboard - Femmes de pouvoir - Gaïté Lyrique
  • 7 December 2019: Atelier Wikisource Autrices - in Wikimedia France office

Sources |2=All local events organized by les sans pagEs Paris in 2019 |expand=no |float=center |width=70em }}

Les sans pagEs Med edit

This small group was launched in June 2018. In 2019, it was very active with events with various goals, outreach, visibility, training etc. Its main focus in 2019 was to get more visible in the Mediterranean space and bond with local groups in the open source mouvement. Its hope was to recruit more participants and expand the group for more impact. Whilst expanding partnerships and opportunities was quite successful, the recruitment did not really follow.

Members of this group did not limit their activity to their local area, but

  1. travelled to support other LSP groups or other gender gap initiatives in their local activities. This was in particular the case of travel to Geneva in September 2019 to support Noircir Wikipedia or in March 2019 to participate to Wikipedia for Peace Tunis
  2. presented the LSP initiative in the international context. This was in particular the case for a presentation of LSP during WikiIndaba Nigeria (8-10 Nov); presentation in Bruxelles during the Wikiconvention francophone (sept 2019); presence at Wikimania Stockholm (August 2019)

Side note : the ArchiWiki edit-a-thons in Montpellier are generally considered to be part of LSP med, but have been separated in this report for clarity (see above for ArchiWiki Matrimoine events). In 2019, this group was featured twice in the local press

  • In Marcelle Media – May 2019. La lutte pour l’égalité femme/homme… jusque sur Wikipédia. [1]
  • In La Provence – April 2019. Marseille : les « sans pages » conjuguent Wikipédia au féminin pluriel. [2]
All local events organized by les sans pagEs Med in 2019

  1. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 6 December 2019.
  2. Marseille : Participation (dedicated booth) to a professional event Journées de la diversité - 29-30 Nov 2019
  3. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 4 Oct 2019
  4. Montélimar : Présentation des sans pagEs à l'Université d'été des associations de Montélimar - Sept 2019
  5. Marseille : Participation (dedicated booth) to FIDEP (women working in illustration and caricature) - 28/29 Sept 2019
  6. Marseille : Ecrire pour les droits (Write for Rights) - 20/23 June
  7. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 7 June 2019.
  8. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 3 May 2019.
  9. Marseille : Participation (dedicated booth) to an education national conference. Citoyenneté numérique, numérique citoyen, Rencontres de l'Orme. 25/26 Apr 2021
  10. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 5 April 2019.
  11. Marseille. University Library special day. BU St Jérôme. 8 March 2019.
  12. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 1 March 2019.
  13. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 1 Feb 2019.
  14. Marseille : Networking event with all open mouvement local associations. Presentation of LSP. La Fabulerie. 25 Jan 2019.
  15. Marseille : Edit-a-thon/Training. Urban Prod - 11 Jan 2019.


Les sans pagEs Tunis edit

This initiative was launched in 2019 by one editor. Several edit-a-thons were planned but it is unclear whether they actually happened. The main activity organized in Tunisia in 2019 was a Write for Rights event which took place both in Tunisia 22-25 March, later followed by a second event in Marseille (France) on 22-23 of June (organized in partnership with Les sans pages Med). As part of this project, the Tunisian participant for Les sans pagEs Tunis came over to Marseille for the June session, whislt a member of Les sans pagEs Med went to Tunis for the March session.

During the Wikipedia for Peace Tunis session 104 articles have been created in more than 15 languages.
Wikipedia for Peace Tunis project with all results - Report by LSP Med

Other editing activities edit

A few additional activities were organized over the year, based on opportunities or per request from third parties, but not being directly related to a clearly identified group.

Other unsorted activities
International Women's Day logo
  • Event related to Women in Sciences in Montreal (Canada) - 05 March
  • A training/editing session in Québec related to women (Canada) - Library University Laval - 7 March
  • International Women Day. In 2019, les sans pagEs coordinated several events in different places. A complete list of all organized activities can be seen on the 8 mars 2019 wiki page. Editing activities took place in Geneva (Switzerland), Marseille (France), Toulouse (France), Paris (France) as well as Conakry (Guinea). The largest event was organized in Unesco offices in Paris.
  • A training and editing eventn Documentons le design, about Women and Design in Lille (France) - 5 June
  • Event as part of the Photophore festival in Tremblay en France (France) - 12 October
  • Launch of Noircir Wikipedia - Paris - 2 Nov
  • Launch of Noircir Wikipedia - Nov - 9 Nov
  • A stand and photo studio during Journée Nationale des Elues locales de France in Issy les Moulineaux (France) - 22 Nov 2019

Participation to activities organized by other groups edit

The group members wish to be fully integrated into the Wikimedia gender gap ecosystem. Which is why it seeks to participate to contests organized by other groups in the community. In 2019, there were three notable such involvements

Governance, team building, outreach...

Annual meeting in Sion organized by the Valais group edit

The annual meeting of Les sans pagEs was organized by the Valais group in June 2019, with a dedicated theme : witches. :Participants headed to Sion for a mix of different activities.
  • Present and finalize the report of the grant received by WMF end of 2018
  • Strategy meeting to discuss the future of les sans pagEs
  • Visit of several historical landmarks related to witches with a local historian. Photos
  • Edit-a-thon (18 Articles created and 53 Articles improved)
  • Networking and get together

Improvements in useability of the project page on the French wikipedia edit

Many improvements were brought to the portal page on the French Wikipedia to accomodate the growing needs of the project (improved navigation, updating tools page, evaluation page, creation of new tools for easier interaction with members, copyediting collective pages for additional clarity etc.

Set-up of a library page for participants effectiveness edit

In 2019, we set up a Library page where members could list all books they have able at home, for book sharing with the other LSP members. Books are related to feminism, women rights, LGBTQ issues, afrofeminism, witches, history

Charter drafting for safer in-person events edit

In 2019, the group developed its own charter, based on several charters and friendly space policy, to be primarily used during in-person events. This charter clarified the expectations of behavior from the participants to events.

Outreach toward the international community edit

A meta page existed in English but was very short and basic. In order to provide
  • more international visibility to the association,
  • more transparency about its goals and values
  • and to support the request to become a Wikimedia Affiliate,
a page in English has been developped on meta Les sans pagEs

Les sans pagEs seeks to be approved as a Wikimedia Affiliate edit

An important element in the life of the Association was its approval as a Wikimedia Affiliate on January 14th of 2020. The Affiliation Committee was approached in 2019, and the process for recognition was implemented in 2019.

Participation to global events edit

Wikitechstorm Amsterdam 2019
The WikiTechStorm event took place in Amsterdam 22-23 November 2019. Newbies, women, gender-diverse people were openly invited to join. This event was a wonderful opportunity to get to know other GenderGap group, in particular the Dutch group, with Ciell and Ecritures. The event was also the opportunity to reveal many technical opportunities that could be useful to the group, such as the very practical use of Openrefine. This new knowledge led to specific training sessions run in 2020 and 2021. report
WikiIndaba Nigeria
A presentation of the les sans pagEs and more generally of the gender gap was presented during the WikiIndaba Nigeria conference by a member of Les sans pagEs Med.
Wikiconvention Francophone 8 et 9 septembre 2019 à Bruxelles
Several members of the les sans pagEs usergroup actively participated to the WikiConvention francophone/2019. Participants may remember for a long time the Music Party, during which both Yvonne (as the guest singer) and Carole (who unexpectedly helped participants to be patient) show their unique talents.
Wikimania 2019 à Stockholm
Several members of the les sans pagEs usergroup actively participated to the Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm. Those are important moments for the group members to meet and share experiences with the other uaergroups active in the Wikimedia Gender Gap space. One of our member provided a detailed report [22]

Communication and social media edit

Social media accounts edit

Communication, in the media and on social networks is a major element of les sans pagEs strategy as it allows both to recruit new participants and raise awareness about gender equity (or lack thereof).

Press review 2019 edit

Les sans pagEs is very frequently contacted by journalists for interviews and comments. As such, the UG and its members are regularly mentioned in the news. You may find all media mentions
  1. Coline Arbouet, "Wikipédia : la revanche des femmes oubliées. Les femmes sont sous-représentées sur l’encyclopédie en ligne Wikipédia. Une fois par mois, un collectif se réunit à Pierresvives pour redorer leur blason", La gazette de Montpellier, 19 décembre 2019
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The membership of the UserGroup (open) differ from the membership to the registered association (with restrictions).

Membership to the group can be evaluated beyond 200 members but exact figures are difficult to estimate with precision due to...

  1. Membership depends whether one talks of membership of the usergroup (completely open to anyone interested) or membership of the legal association (restricted)
  2. Members can sign their names on meta (16 people at the end of 2019 [23]) or they may add their name in the main participant list on the French Wikipedia (213 people end of 2019 [24]), but they may also indicate their name only in the subgroups.
  3. individual membership for the online part of the project can also be assessed through the number of contributors who actively choose to publish articles in the newly created or upgraded articles section (here the link to 2019 archives). These people constitute the heart of the online wiki project page.

The group is open to all genders. In 2019, communication with members would primarily happen on the project wiki talk page by design.

Legal entity

The association was founded in January 2017 in order to manage the received funds. It is based in Geneva and aims at supporting financially the activities deployed by the wikimedians to reduce the gender gap on Wikimedia projects.

Board edit

Board composition as of January 2019,

  • President : Natacha Rault
  • Treasurer: Laurence Huneau
  • Secretary: Esther Espelt

Board composition as of December 2019,

  • President : Natacha Rault
  • Treasurer: Esther Espelt
  • Secretary: Gala Papillon

Our main partners edit

Our supporters edit

The Les sans pagEs was financially supported in 2019 by Wikimedia Foundation through a project grant approved in December 2019.

A conversation was held end of 2019 in order to receive support from Wikimedia France for the following year

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Learnings and next steps

What worked well during the year edit

  • developing synergies among participants and creating a sense of community around the francophone gender gap issue
  • the number of events was high and their outcomes (such as published articles) were excellent
  • press reviews were numerous and generally very supportive. The les sans pagEs project gained a lot of visibility during the year, in part thanks to the "witch" angle

What didn’t so work so well edit

  • budgeting by geographical group turned out to be time-consuming, difficult to enact remotely, and not flexible at all. Some groups were very active and developped financial needs whereas others were not able to fulfill the initial objectives as new groups emerged with new needs. This implied a lot of budget reallocation which took time and energy.
  • we did not have enough human ressources to develop the blogging activity on the wordpress website

Our goals for 2020 edit

  1. We want to engage the wikimedia community even further, to make it participate or reflect on gender gap issues. We also want to participate to aligned initiatives, as well to promote and facilitate cooperation between aligned sister projects.
  2. We want to recruit womynx or more generally people interested by gender and intersectionality issues, to foster a more diverse community. We wanted to maintain support to all of our subgroups, and train its members or contributors willing to set up new projects, building from the success of Noircir Wikipedia.
  3. We want to further support existing LSP groups (primarily located in Switzerland and France, with some isolated events in other countries), but also to expand geographically in helping new groups to emerge.
  4. We want to promote les sans pagEs activities across the general public, in the media and on social media, as well as promote aligned sister projects, in order to encourage more participation to the projects.
  5. We want to create more organizational capacity, in particular around financial and accounting operations.
  6. we want to work on upgrading contributors competences (quality of articles, wikidata queries)
  7. we want to bring contributors who are mostly active during events to contribute more visibly in between events on wilkipedia and to make the wikipedia project sustainable on a long term perspective so that it does not rely only on one or two persons.
  8. we want to develop the showcasing of the community work on the wordpress website

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Notes and references edit

  1. Femmes et Féminisme Nantes is a group run by les AFF. Main project page : Ateliers Femmes et Féminisme (Nantes)
  2. Archiwiki Montpellier is a group active in South West of France. Main project page : Archiwiki Matrimoine (Hérault)
  3. Les sans pagEs Méditerranée is a group active in South of France. Main project page : Les sans pages Med
  4. Les sans pagEs Tunis is active in Tunisia. Main project page : Les sans pagEs Tunis
  5. Les sans pagEs Genève is active in Switzerland. Main project page : wikimidis Genève
  6. Les sans pagEs Paris is active in France. Main project page : Les sans pagEs Paris
  7. Les sans pagEs Valais is active in Switzerland. Main project page : Les sans pagEs Valais
  8. Wikimidi are weekly edit-a-thosn organized in Geneva. Main page
  9. Wikimercredi Musique are events organized by the Geneva group. Main page
  10. Wikimercredit MAMCO are events organized in Geneva, with the support of Wikimedia CH. Main page
  11. 100femmes is initiated by Geneva University, Service Egalité. Run by the Geneva group. Main page
  12. Anthropologues collecteuses conteuses oubliées is a project organised in Paris. Main page
  13. Ecrire pour les droits Marseille is a local implementation of the larger Write for Rights project. Organized by LSP Med group. Main page
  14. You can read Archiwiki Matrimoine (Hérault) main page
  15. Week-end Sorcières refer to both the annual meeting of the LSP and a working week-end dedicated to witches. Main page
  16. 100elles refers to a project of (women-named) street plates in Geneva. Main page
  17. Femmes au Père Lachaise is a project meant to better documents the notable women burried in Père Lachaise Cemetary. Main page
  18. Wikisource Autrices intends to add to Wikisource texts in the public domain, written by women. Main page
  19. Wikipedia for Peace Tunis is a project run in 2019 by LSP Tunis. Main page
  20. Wiki4Women March 8th day was a collection of coordinated event on March 8. Main page
  21. Wiki Loves love is an international photographic contest. The LSP team was in particular involved into creation of Wikipedia articles which could then be illustrated by WLL pictures. Main page
  22. A detailed report of her Wikimania participation by Lurkin
  23. List of participants who self-reported themselves on meta end of 2019
  24. List of people who self-reported themselves as member on the French project page