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WMZA/Joburgpedia 2016
This grant request is to fund JoburgpediA project, this project has evolved from being Edit-A-thons to an Educational Project with a combination of Edit-A-thons, a writing competition and working with GLAM Institutions. All done around the history rich City of Johannesburg
targetWikimedia ZA and support to local languages
strategic priorityIncreasing Reach, Increasing Participation, Improving Quality
start date15 October
start year2016
end date15 November
end year2016
budget (local currency)ZAR 40 242.00
budget (USD)$ 2 820.04
grant typeOrganisation
non-profit statusYES
contact(s)•• Thuvack
organization• Wikimedia South Africa

The Joburgpedia Project has become a common feature for both Wikimedians as well as Schools and GLAM partners in Johannesburg. We continue to build and evolve from our past successes (Joburgpedia 2013; Joburgpedia 2014 and Joburgpedia 2015) to becoming part of the educational calender for schools in Johannesburg. In the process we continue to increase Wikipedia coverage of iconic buildings around Johannesburg with historic and heritage importance, as well as expose new users (School students, University students and School Teachers) to the world of Wikipedia.


Our goal is to introduce Wikipedia to schools and all education-tied stakeholders in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We have learned a lot in the past three years of this project and have built relationships that are making it easy to scale up the number of participants while keeping our budget reasonable.

We want to continue to increase the participation and retention of especially female editors, bringing on board more mission aligned GLAM institutions, and ensuring that the project feeds to other small Wikipedia language projects through a number of strategic activities outlined below.


Strategy & ActivitiesEdit

This project is mainly an Educational project which has elements of Edit-A-Thons; Writing Competition as well as an interesting tie-in of a GLAM Institution.

The following activities are planned :

  • 3 x Edit-A-Thons for 20 Schools Teachers and 10 University Students from throughout Johannesburg
  • Exposing school Teachers to Johannesburg Blue Plaques (Now fitted with QR Codes linking to Wikipedia Articles) in cooperation with the City of Joburg

Further information on the activities mentioned above follow below.


We will host 3 Train-The-Trainer type, edit-a-thons at the Constitution Hill buidlings in Johannesburg. The edit-a-thons will be used to train University students from Wits University Law School ( x 10) who are apprenticed to the Constitution Court education program (ConhillEdu), as well as introduce the school Teachers ( x20) to Wikipedia and Editing, in preparation for the writing competition to be organised in 2017.

Johannesburg Blue Plaques link upEdit

Since our pilot project in 2013, where we installed 10 QR plaques at historical buildings, The City of Johannesburg has gone on to adopt the Joburgpedia initiative and has gone on to install 14 more plaques between 2015 - 2016. The City of Johannesburg has expressed interest in partnering with us for this writing competition, to expose the schools to the places that have received the new Blue Plaques complete with Joburgpedia logo and QR codes linking to Wikipedia Articles about the buildings. This is just one of the Success story of Joburgpedia.

Our relationship building efforts with both the City of Johannesburg and the Johannesburg Heritage foundation, has finally yielded fruits, The city has resolved to incorporate Joburgpedia logo as well as QR code in all future plaques. This is a big gain for the Joburgpedia Project and its sustainability into the future. As of end of December 2015, the City has already commissioned 15 new plaques over and above 11 plaques we commissioned in 2013 as part of the Joburgpedia Pilot.

We will introduce the Trainers to these plaques and how to use them to access specific information on Wikipedia.

GLAM PartnersEdit

Over the past 2 years we have managed to form partnerships with the following institutions who have made an invaluable contribution to our mission:

  • Johannesburg Heritage Foundation
  • The Constitution Hill Education Project
  • The City of Johannesburg
  • The Goethe Institute

Each partner has a unique role to play in the grand scheme of Joburgpedia project.


Target readership (Local Wiki Projects) Increasing reach Participation

This project will benefit the following online communities:

English Wikipedia
Afrikaans Wikipedia
Zulu Wikipedia
Xhosa Wikipedia
Sotho Wikipedia
Xitsonga Wikipedia
Setswana Wikipedia
Chishona Wikipedia
Siswati Wikipedia
Increasing Wikimedia's reach in the Global South is one of the salient points of Vision 2015. South Africa is crucial to this objective, as a key African hub. This project is highly anticipated and has already received a fair amount of attention in Johannesburg. The potential of this project to increase participation is daunting. Extensive focus will be put into creating lasting contacts with those attending our Edit-A-Thons and participating in our other activities.
Quality Credibility
Wikimedia Commons still has a very poor representation of Johannesburg heritage sites. The available images are of moderate to acceptable quality. This project aims to improve the coverage of the Johannesburg heritage sites on commons and Wikipedia projects especially small languages. The involvement of local authoritities, heritage societies as partners we will be able to improve our credibility as a Chapter and movement in handling such important issues as heritage and historical sites documentation.

Measures of successEdit

We will consider this project a success if we can achieve the following Global Metrics:

Joburgpedia - 2016 Metrics Planning table (Global metrics 2014–15)
Metric description Goal Notes Metric description Goal Notes
1. Number of active editors involved 25 [1] 4. Number of new images/media 10 [2]
2. Number of newly registered users 20 [3] 5. Number of articles added 20 [4]
3. Number of individuals involved 35 [5] 6. Number of bytes added TBD [6]
  1. We aim to have 20 schools teachers + 10 University students participating in these Train-The-Trainer workshops
  2. We estimate that we can source at least 10 images to illustrate Johannesburg Specific Content as part of the Training.
  3. Counting only the school teachers, as we anticipate to have University Students returning and already Using Wikipedia
  4. We estimate about 20 A class articles will be added.
  5. Including, existing WMZA volunteers, schools teachers and University students
  6. We did not measure this metric, due to difficulty in using the Wikimetrics tool. The tool has been made easy to use, so we will report on this item this year.

Resources and risksEdit


Wikimedia ZA coordination team


  • The ConhillEdu Project has undergone structural changes and thus unable to supply similar monetary contributions (Part Catering and Part Transport Costs) as they did last year. As a result we have allowed for these two items in our budget to mitigate this risk.

Budget breakdownEdit

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD)
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Rate Total (USD) Notes
Bill No. 1 - Preliminaries and General
1.1 Telcom Costs 2 350.00 700.00 24.53 49.05
1.2 T-Shirts and Memorabillia 30 175.00 5 250.00 12.26 367.90
1.3 Incidental costs & contingencies 1 5 000.00 5 000.00 350.39 350.39
1.4 Project Management - 2 people (Bobbyshabangu; Thuvack) 2 2 500.00 5 000.00 175.19 350.39 [1]
TOTAL BILL Number 1 15 950.00 1 117.73
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Rate Total (USD) Notes
Bill No. 2 - Train The Trainer Edit-A-Thons x 3 events
2.1 Data and Wifi Connectivity 3 550.00 1 650.00 38.54 115.63
2.1 Transportation of students outside of JHB (30 Seater Mini-Bus) 3 1 850.00 5 550.00 129.64 388.93
2.2 Catering (Lunch - @ R135 per Person x 30 People) 3 4 050.00 12 150.00 283.81 851.44
TOTAL BILL Number 2 19 350.00 1 355.99
  1. Compensation to Project Coordinators and Support team for time required during working hours.

Bills SubtotalsEdit

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD)
PROJECT SUMMARY PAGE Total in Rands (ZAR) Total in Dollars (USD)
1 Bill No. 1: Preliminary & General R 15 950.00 $ 1 117.73
2 Bill No. 2 - Edit-A-Thons R 19 350.00 $ 1 355.99
3 SUBTOTAL R 35 300.00 $ 2 473.72
4 VAT (14%) R 4 942.00 $ 346.32
5 TOTAL BUDGET PRICE R 40 242.00 $ 2 820.04

Budget SummariesEdit

Total project budget
ZAR 40 242.00 or $ 2 820.04 rounded total as calculated per exchange rate of R14.27/1USD on 06/09/2016 using South African Reserve Bank – USD:ZAR Hitorical rates
Total amount requested
ZAR 40 242.00 or $ 2 820.04 rounded total as calculated per exchange rate of R14.27/1USD on 06/09/2016 using South African Reserve Bank – USD:ZAR Hitorical rates
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ConhillEdu = R 9 500 worth of Venue costs to host the work shops.
City of Johannesburg = R 15 000 worth of City Tours for Students.

Non-financial requirementsEdit



For more information on project team members and the local organizing committee, visit our Team page.


Community notificationEdit


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