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Gender Gap

A hub for resources and information about Wikimedia's gender gap.

Two kinds of gender gap exist within, and do harm to, the Wikimedia world: (a) a content gender gap (meaning that more men than women are covered in the mainspace content of our wikis), and (b) a participation gender gap, meaning that more men participate in the peer production communities of Wikimedia.


[$link gender gap mailing list]是與那些關心並且可以提供幫助的人討論的最佳地方。從2011年1月31日開始,已經有很長時間維基人與其他領域的人因他們在相關主題的興趣而混合在一起,因此在首次PO文時介紹你自己是有幫助的。

In 2020, a Telegram channel was opened to host discussions. You can join it.

...時時刻刻別忘了要小心落差(Mind the Gap)
...時時刻刻別忘了要小心落差(Mind the Gap)
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