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Mind the gap blanc.pngGender Gap

A hub for resources and information about Wikimedia's gender gap.

Two kinds of gender gap exist within, and do harm to, the Wikimedia world: (a) a content gender gap (meaning that more men than women are covered in the mainspace content of our wikis), and (b) a participation gender gap, meaning that more men participate in the peer production communities of Wikimedia.

Deze pagina dient als hub voor middelen en informatie over Wikimedia's seksenkloof en adekwaat de omvang ervan vast te stellen, in het bijzonder door studies over het onderwerp aan te bieden en het verzamelen van anekdotisch bewijs over waarom vrouwen van Wikipedia weggaan of er nooit op komen.

The gender gap mailing list is a place to talk about this with other people who are interested and can help. Started on January 31st, 2011, it has a mix of longtime Wikimedians and people from other fields who arrived through their interest in the subject, so it's helpful to introduce yourself in your first post.

In 2020, a Telegram channel was opened to host discussions. You can join it.

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