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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2021

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Madali na mag abot an kampanyang #WPWP 2021!

Uni an pira sa mga kahapotan asin kasimbagan.

Q1. Obligado daw na magrehistro, o opsyunal para sa mga myembros kan komunidad?
An Rehistrasyon bako man na obligado. Opsyonal ini. An mga partispantes kaipuhan sanang ikaag an #WPWP sa sumaryo kan saindang mga edit sa mga artikulo na pigpakarhay sa paagi kan mga ladawan. Alagad, igwa nin mga lokal na komunidad nin Wikipedia na nag-oorganisar man nin Kampanyang WPWP na tibaad nag-oobliga nin rehistrasyon. An mga partisipantes na dai nakarehistro sa siring na komunidad tibaad dai pwedeng makakua kan lokal na papremyo alagad pwede man giraray sindang makakua kan internasyunal na papremyo.
Q2. When I am using the FIST tool, I often find images on a specific language's Wikipedia. Is there a possibility to transfer those images to Wikimedia Commons, so that the image becomes available to all projects?
You may only transfer them to Wikimedia Commons if their license is compatible with the Wikimedia Commons licenses without any other restrictions. For more information, see Commons:Licensing. Some Wikipedia languages accept images under fair use terms, and fair use is not compatible with the Wikimedia Commons licenses.
Q3. Are fair-use images uploaded to local Wikipedia allowed
Some local Wikipedia (e.g English Wikipedia) allows fair-use images. They are only allowed for use on local Wikipedia languages where they are allowed and they would still qualify for prizes.
Q4. Is it compulsory for participants to add #WPWP to the edit summaries of all articles improved with images?
Yes, participants must add the #WPWP hashtag to the edit summaries of all articles improved with images. Please see: Guide on how to use WPWP Campaign Hashtags

Campaign rules

Images must be used between 1st July to August 31st 2021.

There is no limit to the number of files one can use. There are, however, different categories of prizes. However, do not deface Wikipedia articles with photos. Only add a photo to an article that has no photo.

The image must be published under a free use license or as public domain.

Participants must be a registered user on any Wikimedia project. Sign in or Create a new account on Wikipedia (You can create an account on any language Wikipedia, for use in your own WP and on all Wikimedia projects). The list of all languages of Wikipedia can be found here.

Poor or very low-quality photos are generally not acceptable.

  1. The image caption and description must be clear and be suitable for the article.
  2. All image additions must include a caption that describes what the image is of.
  3. Images should be placed where relevant in the article.
  4. Do not add photos to articles in a language you do not speak fluently. Users who repeatedly add captionless images, irrelevant images, etc. may be disqualified.

Participants must include the hashtag #WPWP in the Edit summary of all articles improved with images in addition to a descriptive edit summary, for example "Improving with an image to infobox" #WPWP. Do not insert the hashtag (#WPWP) into an article. Please see: Guide on how to use WPWP Campaign Hashtags