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The Wikimedia Foundation and some of the Wikimedia chapters have office space for their employees in a number of cities around the world.

List of offices edit

These offices include:

Organization City (Wikimedia Commons link) Since Employees (other outside office) Notes
Wikimedia Foundation San Francisco (CA), USA 2003 (Florida), 2007 (San Francisco) 750 (ca.) Previously in St. Petersburg, Florida, since 2007 in San Francisco. See Wikimedia Foundation headquarters.
Wikimedia Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011-07 11
Wikimedia Canada Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2017 0 Office space is freely donated by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)
Wikimedia Chile Santiago, Chile 2011-07 4
Wikimedia Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic 2016-12 10 Slovenská 21, Prague 2, 120 00
Wikimedia Deutschland Berlin, Germany (link) 2007 (Frankfurt) 2008 (Berlin) 137 (2020 FTE, including Wikidata team) Visitors welcome, please contact us in advance. Free Wifi and Club Mate, meeting rooms and workshop spaces available.
Wikimedia Estonia Tartu, Estonia 2014-04 3
Wikimédia France Paris, France 2010-03 13 12 rue Martel, 75010 Paris, visitors welcome, please contact before
Wikimedia Ghana User Group Accra, Ghana ? 2
Wikimedia Hungary Budapest, Hungary 2013-03 2 co-working space, previously (until 2014) own office with an employee
Wikimedia Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia 2011/2012 19+ Visitors are welcome with prior notice. The main office is located in Central Jakarta. Other rented spaces for use by communities are also available in Yogyakarta. Contact info for further details.
Wikimedia Italia Milano, Italia 2016 8 (smart working) Visitors welcome, phone contact: (+39) 0297677170, e-mail: segreteria Other contacts. Last update 03/2021. Previously the office and legal address in Monza; the legal address was moved to Milano 23 June 2018.
Wikimedia Israel Tel Aviv, Israel ? 5
Wikimedia Nederland Utrecht, Netherlands (link) 2011-04 5 (3.4 FTE) Visitors welcome, please contact before. Lots of stroopwafels available. 2+ rooms available for conversations, the largest one for 10-15 people.
Wikimedia Norge Oslo, Norway 2014 3 Visitors welcome, please contact before
Wikimedia Österreich Vienna, Austria 2012 4 Visitors welcome, please contact before
Wikimedia Polska Warsaw, Poland 2021 9 WMPL members occasionally visiting/working in the office in either of their capacities

There's a separate conference room and free wi-fi. Visitors are welcome. More details available on wmpl:Biuro

Poznań, Poland 2020 Visitors welcome
Wikimedia Russia Moscow, Russia 2008 Address
Wikimedia Serbia Belgrade, Serbia 2012-11-01 5
Wikimedia Slovensko Partizánske, Slovakia 2012-06 0 shared office provided by NPO Education@Internet, please contact before; free wifi, office supplies, kitchenette and rest space available
Wikimedia Sverige Stockholm, Sweden 2011-12 12 Office in Stockholm. Visitors are welcome. Conference room up to 10 persons possible to book.
Wikimedia Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine 2014-10 8 Office 20, 9 Hrinchenka Street, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
Wikimedia UK London, United Kingdom (link) 2011-11 16 Volunteers welcome to visit; beanbags, free wi-fi and refreshments available.
Wikimedia Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela 2016 -

Although the media have often reported that the Wikimedia Foundation has offices outside of the US (in particular, in India), this is incorrect; although they have hired contractors based in other countries, they have not formally set up offices in any other country than the US. In 2011 Jimbo Wales announced plans to open an office in India in the 10th anniversary video, but this plan has not been executed nor is it active.

In the first column a link sends to the chapter's page here on Meta; please make contact data available there.

Energy consumption edit

Wikimedia Foundation has an office in San Francisco and around 250 employees,[1] about half of which are remote workers. Wikimedia Deutschland has an office in Berlin for 77 people[2] that is supplied with renewable energy.[3] Other movement organizations may have offices as well. It is not currently known what their energy usage or sources are.

Organization name Office location Number of on-site employees Yearly energy consumption Energy sources Carbon footprint (CO2/year) Renewable option and cost
Wikimedia Foundation San Francisco, USA 2016: 127 (out of 254 total) 2015: 383 MWh (estimate); 2019: see Wikimedia Foundation headquarters

25% natural gas
23% nuclear
30% renewable
6% hydro
17% unspecified

120,000 lb = 58 short tons = 53 metric tons (+ unspecified)

= 0.25 * 383000 kWh * 1.22lb CO2/kWh for nat gas
+ 0.23 * 383000 kWh * 0 lb CO2/kWh for nuclear
+ 0.36 * 383000 kWh * 0 lb CO2/kWh for renewables
+ 0.17 * 383000 kWh * ? lb CO2/kWh for unspecified

PG&E Solar Choice: ~ $ 900/month
Wikimedia Deutschland Berlin, Germany 2017: 88 2016: 52 MWh

55% hydro
46% mixed renewable (Naturstrom 2015)

0 n.a.
Wikimedia Italia Milano, Italy < 5 FTE n/a 100 % renewable 0 Sourced by the coworking space from a self-production cooperative which mostly buys from small PV plants
other Wikimedia organizations (various) ? ? ? ? ?

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