Affiliati al movimento Wikimedia/Mailing list degli affiliati

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La "mailing list affiliati" è un luogo per gli affiliati al movimento Wikimedia dove discutere argomenti legati agli affiliati, fare annunci agli altri affiliati e collaborare sulle attività e gli eventi che coinvolgono tutta la comunità.


Prior to the development of the Affiliates mailing list, members of Wikimedia chapter governing boards were able to communicate on the Chapters-l mailing list. Changes to the Wikimedia movement affiliates model in 2012 brought two new member based affiliate models, thematic organizations and user groups. The addition of these models also brought a desire for more platforms to facilitate dialogue between all affiliates. The Affiliates mailing list was developed as one such platform to help facilitate that dialogue.


The Affiliates mailing list is meant to be a place for Wikimedia movement affiliates to discuss issues related to affiliates, make announcements to other affiliates, and collaborate on activities and community-wide events.

Examples of these discussions may include - but are certainly not limited to:

  • Discussions on Wikimedia movement matters related to affiliates.
  • Provide support on issues and crises affiliates are facing.
  • Planning for community-wide activities - such as Wiki Loves Monuments, the Wikimedia Foundation elections, or Wikipedia 15.
  • Collaboration on affiliate activities - such as joint editathons or regional conferences.
  • Announcement of reports, blog posts, or other communications from affiliates.
  • Dissemination of information from the Wikimedia Foundation by the Affiliations Committee.


The Affiliates mailing list is intended for leaders of Wikimedia movement affiliates. There are no representatives from the Wikimedia Foundation on the list, aside from members of the Affiliations Committee - who are volunteers working within movement affiliates.

Each Wikimedia movement affiliate is allocated three spots on the mailing list. Affiliates may contact the Affiliations Committee to request additional spots.

To join the mailing list:

  1. Send an email to the mailing list owners (affiliates-owner(_AT_) verifying which Wikimedia movement affiliate you are representing
    • If applicable, please include information on who you are replacing
  2. You may then also then subscribe via mailman - please do this after you email the list owners
    • You will not be able to access the list until you are approved by a list owner