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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018
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WikiNEM organizational compassEdit

Purpose of the Northern Europe Wikimedia collaboration

To do awesome stuff together by establishing a framework for active collaboration in Northern Europe, identifying common issues and using our expertise and resources in dealing with and developing them.


The way we lead ourselves is guided by

  • Empathy
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Listening
  • Supportive environment, making action and participation possible
  • Fairness
  • Inclusivity
  • Motivation
  • Showing by doing
  • Vision aware
  • Communication


See the collection of visions for Wikimedia Northern Europe from participants.

WikiNEM open space topicsEdit

Below is the list of topics proposed by participants during the WikiNEM open space session. Each topic has a link to the discussion notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 1Edit

1 Members are important for the chapter because... Hogne 5 link to notes.
2 How can we support our region's minority and indigenous languages? Jon Harald, Kim, Astrid 9 link to notes.
3 Good behaviour/bad behavour in Wikipedia Johanna, Minna 6 link to notes.
4 Next steps for our cooperation John Andersson 6 link to notes.
5 How will we be inclusive in the future Heikki 2 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 2Edit

1 Are there nordic funding opportunities we can discuss Astrid 4 link to notes
2 Wikimania, how can I help? Johanna 4 link to notes.
3 What gender gap projects can we create together? Jorid 8 link to notes.
4 Technology - what problems/ideas do the communities have? Edgars 8 link to notes.
5 Costal maritime cultural and environment Salvör 2 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 3Edit

1 Role of Wikimedia in changing media landscape: social goals, tech tools & partnerships in Nordic region ? refocused into less general topic
2 Wikimedia PR: information material, raising awareness, public relations Lennart, Karen, Finn 6 link to notes.
3 Regular regional "Mini-Wikimanias" in order to stimulate community and volunteers Bengt 4 link to notes.
4 Education, universitites, Wikimedia in schools, training the teachers, MOOCs name 7 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 4Edit

1 Communication platform Mārtiņš and Matthias 9 link to notes.
2 GLAM partnerships Axel 10 link to notes.
3 How can larger groups help smaller chapters and user groups grow? Matthias 10 link to notes.
4 Where can we have next WikiNEM? John 3 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 5 SundayEdit

1 Mastering Notablility Karen 5 link to notes.
2 Gender representation in our affiliates Astrid 9 link to notes.
3 Abbriviation for our region Heikki 4 link to notes.
4 Wiki Science competition Ivo 5 link to notes.
5 Wikimania pre/post conference tours Heikki 3 link to notes.
6 Establishing communiction on Meta Matthias 1-3 link to notes.
7 Where to have the next WikiNEM John 3 link to notes.
8 Wikipedia sister projects and collaborations Märt 4 link to notes.

WikiNEM topics for action planningEdit

Below is the list of topics proposed for action planning and next steps, based on the previous discussions. Each topic has a link to the action plan.

1 How to cooperate in the Nordic region? Jon and Matthias roughly 14 people link to action plan.
2 Gender issues for the region Astrid 5 link to action plan.
3 Education collaborations Minna 6 link to action plan.
4 Wikimedia PR Finn, Karen 11 link to action plan.
5 GLAM Follow up Merli 7 link to action plan.
6 Collaborations to support minority languages Kimberli & Jon Harald 7 link to action plan.
7 Sister projects & outside collaboration Märt 2 link to action plan.
8 Naming the collaboration in Northern Europe Heikki 4 link to action plan

Organizational profilesEdit

Lightning talksEdit