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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018
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Participants edit

Each affiliate can choose up to five (5) people to act as their representatives at the event. It is possible for an affiliate to have fewer representatives.

Affiliate Name Representative 1 Representative 2 Representative 3 Representative 4 Representative 5 Comments
  Wikimedia Danmark Steen Thomassen Matthias Smed Larsen Karen Mardahl Finn Årup Nielsen
  Wikimedia Eesti Ivo Kruusamägi Märt Põder Sven-Erik Soosaar Uku Kangur Merli-Triin Eiskop
  Wikimedia Suomi Johanna Janhonen Lentokonefani Yupik Kulttuurinavigaattori Minna Turtiainen
  Wikimedia Norge Hogne Neteland Jorid Martinsen Jon Harald Søby Astrid Carlsen Anette Faksnes
  Wikimedia Sverige Axel Pettersson John Andersson Sofie Jansson Bengt Oberger Lennart Guldbrandsson
  Wikimedians of Iceland Salvor Gissurardottir
  Wikimedians of Latvia Mārtiņš Bruņenieks Turaids Edgars Košovojs Īriss Sviklis Biafra Representative election page, meeting reports
  Lithuanian community Invitation post

Participants' gallery edit

We want to hear from you before arriving to Stockholm! For this reason, we are inviting you to present yourself as well as to answer two important questions: a) what do you want to get out of conference? b) what top 2 skills on-wiki would you like to learn?

Photo / Avatar (Optional) Name About me What I would like to get out of the conference is... The 2 skills on-wiki/off-wiki that I would like to learn are...
  Axel Pettersson Full time Wikimedian, working with GLAM and outreach at Wikimedia Sverige by day and contributing as Haxpett by night. Better cooperation and use of resources among chapters and affiliates. Better support to volunteers and how to get GLAM staff to contribute more
  John Andersson Executive Director at Wikimedia Sverige. I have been contributing to our projects in different ways since 2007. Inputs for how Wikimania 2019 could become an important event for the region, and not just for Sweden. I would also like to discuss and plan for how we can achieve an ongoing and active cooperation between the affiliates in Northern Europe in our day-to-day activities. I strongly believe that we have huge possibilities to save time and effort and to reduce costs by doing so. (1) What has been the most successful approach to discuss with national politicians about Freedom of Panorama and other legislative issues relevant for the Wikimedia movement. (2) How to successfully engage volunteers in recurrent activities (e.g. translations, administrative work, wiki maintenance etc.)
  Jon Harald Søby Project manager at Wikimedia Norge. I've been a Wikimedian since 2005, lately mostly active in the Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikisource. I would like to learn more about what the other affiliates are doing, and see if there are ways that we could collaborate more on our various projects. (1) How to successfully recruit project partners (what "selling points" to use – what has worked and what hasn't for other affiliates). (2) How to best support new users in low-activity projects.
  Mārtiņš Bruņenieks Devoted volunteer and one of leaders in Wikimedians Of Latvia User Group. My first edit was in 2005, but my offline contributions were kickstarted by CEE Meeting in Kyiv at the end of 2014. I believe in potential of Wikidata. I can take decent photographs, too. I want to help other members of my community to embrace the wider movement. (1) How to start a partnership and keep it going (2) New ideas on how to gain new contributors and keep existing motivated
  Astrid Carlsen Executive Director at Wikimedia Norge and I work with Glam and Education partnership. I would like to map out similar partnerships that is already established in the Nordic region and how we can work on them togehter in the future to make them stronger + consider possible Nordic funding options (1) The possibilities in using Wikidata for Glam partners (2) What kind of support will small langauge communities (like Sami) most benefit from?
  Jorid Martinsen Project Manager at Wikimedia Norge. Mostly working on Gender gap and Education. We have a lot in common socially and culturally in the Nordic region, and I would like to use this weekend to figure out hwo we can benefit from closer collaboration. How to create a community of volunteers that are really committed to Diversity work, and what successfull projects with partners we should copy to our own context.
  Ivo Kruusamägi Wikipedian since 2006. I'm mostly active on photo-related activities and with the education program, more recently also on GLAM. Some new cooperation projects started + new participants to our existing projects in Estonia. Most helpful would be the part about recruiting volunteers.
  Anette Faksnes Volunteer. Full time student of library and information sciences and for that reason I find Wikidata quite interesting because of the knowledge organizational system in it. Getting to know new people in this community and learn about how they inform “non-Wikimedians” on how to easily make edits. (1) Show my fellow students about the possibilities Wikidata can offer when seeing it in a semantic view (2) Familiarize myself deeper with Wikimedia and its projects.
  Hogne Neteland Wikipedian and Volunteer since 2005. Chair of Wikimedia Norge. Most interesting in knowledge sharing and open access to information. To find how we can work together to :
  • strengthen the position of Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects, because this is trethened lately
  • identify best practises within the Nordic region, because we must learn from each other
  • upgrade more of the chapters in the region to receive FDC APG funding, because free knowledge needs more advocates.
  1. New ideas for maiking the local language Wikipedias more popular with a higher ranking
  2. How to engage more readers, contributors, members, partners and governments.
  Edgars Košovojs Wikipedian since 2009. Mostly active on homewiki (Latvian Wikipedia) and Wikidata. Could call(?) myself the main developer in Latvian Wikipedia community, who works with tools, bots, gadgets etc. How can we work together in some projects and what are some cool projects done by other communities, that our (lvwiki) community can steal borrow use as inspiration. How to get Wikipedia community stronger and better (both by numbers and quality).
  Matthias Smed Larsen Active Wikimedian since 2014. Member of the board of Wikimedia Denmark and sysop on the Danish Wikipedia. In my Wikipedia work I usually focus on behind-the-scenes stuff, in my Wikimedia work I've focused on public policy as well as making it easier for newcomers to get into the community and understand the MediaWiki interface. Learning how to grow our organization and our impact in the community and from our larger counterparts in other countries. As well as hearing how other chapters/communities have solved various challenges. How to make people who show up to Wikimedia events (edit-a-thons etc.) also become (a) regular contributors to the community once they're home (b) members of our organization. Various administrative things like working with WMF, planning larger events, managing volunteers etc.
  Karen Mardahl Vice-chairperson of Wikimedia Denmark. Technical writer/communicator by profession. Networking and collaboration with other Northern European Wikimedia colleagues. 1) How to get more active (diverse) participants for Wikipedia, etc. and 2) how to keep them engaged and happy so we get an active and vibrant community. Bonus: Getting them to become members of Wikimedia Denmark.
  Steen Thomassen Wikipedian since 2006. Active on Danish Wikipedia (sysop and bot-operator) and Wikidata. Treasurer for Wikimedia Denmark and board member since 2010. Inspiration for our organization. New contracts that can help us in our work. How to develop our organization to a new level. Inspiration for better collaboration with the wikipedia community.
  Sofie Jansson Wikipedian since 2013. Board member of Wikimedia Sverige since 2017. Active in projects about getting more people to edit Wikimedia projects and recruiting volunteers. Collaborations and networking with WikiNems! How to make people be better at welcoming new and more diverse contributors, and how to better communicate/reach volunteers and other members of the projects.
Bengt Oberger Volonteer and editor since 2007. Board member of Wikimedia Sverige since 2011.
  Biafra Wikipedian since 2010, all time top 10 contributor. Focused mostly on content, but very respecting all wikipedians which are taking care of all other things My target is to learn from communities which are well organized, and try to get those organizational experience, take home and use. ..
  Īriss Sviklis Wikipedian since 2006, active contributor since 2009. One of the top 20 contributors on Latvian Wikipedia by created content amount. Participates and organizes offline activities since 2013. Gain a better understanding about other affiliates. Get to know their experiences so that our affililaty also evolves to the same extent. 1) Learn the best way how to start a Chapter. 2) Learn how to organize more successful offline events with a sustainable value.