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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018
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What do we want to achieve in the next five years. What results? edit

We’ve created new events “Wikimania for NEM”

Active & trusty collaboration. A line of technical development achievement to look back on.

Easy, fun & insightful knowledge ecosystem with content, tools & community that shines like northern lights at the rest of the world.

We come together to discuss joint projects that have finished and in the room there are not only wikipedians but also represents from schools, museums and official institution. Projects are in many medium, not only wikipedia but commons wikibooks, wikiversity and involve people not yet include.

At least one more chapter. Bigger, more stable organisations. More cross-border collaboration and international work, even outside our region. Friendships.

The Northern sami WIkipedia has a large achieve community in all the countries with sami peaking people. We together host annual wikiwomen summit camps. Many of the projects we do are co- organized with one or more of the other groups in NE. In all the Nordic countries Wikimedia - organisation and volunteers are the most known advocates of the knowledge.

Making the WIki-projects more accessible to newcomers that doesn't need all that coding to contribute.

Regular WMNE meetings every autumn are taking place. There are at least 1,000 articles about other Nordic countries in each WP. Regular cooperation events are held in Nordic Wikipedias. Lots of important articles for why country/culture in N/B region are in every WP.

Doing! Not talking, planning, building, establishing, identifying, developing.

Well functioning and active working groups leading us forward together.

Every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

We have traded skills, wikiNEM + Mania. Strengthened and supported each other. A strong anc active network. New ideas and more people.

My dream is that in the next five years WMF will learn that what works for the large wikis does not necessarily for the teeny-tiny, small and medium Wikis.

People show up to wikiNEM 2023 mostly knowing each other already, either from discussions conducted on the space/channel/forum set up after 2018, or from concrete collabs with other groups. As well as various initiatives and events, the last five years have seen the various national grow and thrive, partially because of the collaboration, information exchange and “mentorship” between each other.

Stay alive.

The event has created a common understanding that we are a GLOBAL community. We should not work in isolation.

Yearly NEM:s and Northern European winter article contest as well as a regional body representing all the wikipedia's globally.

More people in Northern Europe rely on Wikipedia for information thanks to strong growth in GLAM and Wikidata projekct (6 october 2023).

Joint platform (“framework) for resources and knowledge sharing in region.

User groups to chapter. More projects with other chapters and institutions (GLAM). More participants in Wikimania for North Europe.

Relatively comprehensive overview of Northern countries cultural and historic emphasis in Wikipedia.

Wikimania in Stockholm inspired many newcomers to start editing. We have new allies in the form of NGO’s foundations and government agencies, pins GLAMs and schools - which means that we have cultivated more volunteers to become active Wikimedians. We have produced more informational and promotional materials, because we have pooled our resources. We have made more friends and have had lots of fun doing awesome stuff for five years.

In five years partners from joint collaborations (Glam, Education, others) take part at WikiNEM.

People show up to WikiNem 2023 mostly knowing each other already, either from discussion conducted on the space (channel set up after 2018, or from concrete collabs with other groups. As well as various initiatives and events the last five years have seen the various national groups grow and thrive, partially because of the collaboration, increation exchange and “mentorship” between each other.

We find our Nordic/Baltic friends easily and our communities share knowledge actively. We have had regular/annuals meetups where we share inspiration and experience. We have organized a series of Wiki-events together that give strength to all of us. We are more aware of our common possibilities and we have a strong feeling of togetherness.

All Northern European WM chapters have at least some full-time staff, are active in GLAM work and cooperate with schools etc. The chapters have experience in applying for grants and have enough funding to seize opportunities and grow their operations.

Successful cross-board projects. Community capacity has been growing, also because of shared knowledge by other communities.

We have just come from eating sour and sandwich lunch. We prepare rewriting for strategy of WMNE because it is old. Fashioned. THere are about 5,000 people attending the meeting. It takes about five hours to reach a consensus of the purpose.