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List of newslettersEdit

Newsletter Scope Frequency  Latest issue Talk page delivery Other delivery methods
Tech News
Recent and upcoming tech changes likely to impact Wikimedians weekly read subscribe (multilingual) RSS/Atom feeds, mailing list, transclusion...
The Wikipedia Signpost
a community-written and edited newspaper that covers stories, events, and reports related to the English Wikipedia, its sister projects, and the Wikimedia Foundation monthly read subscribe (English only) RSS feed, watchlist, transclusion...
This Month in Education
a community-led monthly newsletter featuring updates, reports, news, and stories about how Wikipedia and sister projects are used in education around the world monthly read subscribe (multilingual) Email education lists wikimedia org to have the newsletter delivered to your email.
See also Education/Newsletter/About for more info on the newsletter
This Month in GLAM
International reports regarding cultural heritage institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) of the previous month related to Wikimedia monthly read subscribe (English only) Feed / Email subscription via IFTTT
See also GLAM/Newsletter/About for more info on the newsletter
Editing updates
Updates on the status of the visual editor and other editing topics monthly read subscribe (English Wikipedia only) - subscribe (multilingual edition)
Wikidata status updates
Overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the past week weekly read subscribe (English only) mailing list
Tech Showcase
Fresh software for Wikimedia caught on the spot. Plans, prototypes, releases... Have a scoop? Use the newsletter's talk page for it. irregular read subscribe (cross-wiki notification + notification email)
Movement Strategy and Governance News
Distributes relevant news and events about the Movement Charter, Universal Code of Conduct, Movement Strategy Implementation grants, Board elections and other relevant topics. quarterly read subscribe (multilingual + crosswiki) Diff
Wikimedia Research Newsletter
Covers academic research of relevance to the Wikimedia community monthly Latest issue: February 2023 - Subscription options (English only)
Books & Bytes (The Wikipedia Library Newsletter)
Covers The Wikipedia Library, which provides editors with free access to many paywalled digital publications every two months subscribe

Also see the list of Newsletter on using the extension Newsletter.

Resources for newsletter writersEdit

Assembling and sending a multilingual newsletterEdit

Providing newsletters in languages other than just English widens your potential audience, as many Wikimedians don't understand English. Others can read English but still prefer to read news in their native language.

As of 2014, there are tools available that make preparing and delivering a multilingual newsletter relatively easy. See Newsletters/Translation.

General tipsEdit

  • Usually, try avoiding complex layout as much as possible. Some editors don't like it when newsletters add fancy layout or formatting because it "pollutes" their talk page. Complex layout with divs and/or tables also increases the risks of missing a closing tag and posting broken wikicode to hundreds of pages. You don't want to go through hundreds of wikis to fix a badly-closed table manually. Trust those of us who made that mistake :)
  • If you use images, use thumb as much as possible, and avoid hardcoded alignment: On right-to-left wikis, the alignment will need to be reversed, so it complicates things if you have hardcoded "left" or "right" aligned objects. A regular "thumb" works better because it automatically knows where to align the image on all wikis.
  • If you're posting a message in a language that isn't the language of the wiki, add directionality and language markers. For example, if you're posting a message in English, wrap it like so: <div class="mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr">YOUR MESSAGE</div>
    You don't need to add this if you're using the Lua script for multilingual newsletter; the script automatically adds the directionality and language tags where needed.

Tips to make it easier for readers to access your newsletterEdit

  • Transcluding the latest issue of a newsletter automatically (for use on portals, subscription templates, etc.)
  • Setting up RSS/Atom feeds for a newsletter
  • Advertising your newsletter on social media channels

Closed and inactive newslettersEdit

Newsletter Scope Frequency  Latest issue Talk page delivery Other delivery methods
Collaboration team products'
Newsletter about Collaboration team products: NotificationsFlow and Edit Review Improvements. monthly read subscribe (multilingual)
Wikimedia Highlights
Overview of what has been happening in the Wikimedia movement over the past month monthly read subscribe (English only) Feed, mailing list

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