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This page contains an overview of all internal news media. This should not be confused with announcement pages updated by the community or external press coverage of Wikimedia or its projects; this page only lists news created for Wikimedia projects, by Wikimedia project contributors, and to Wikimedia project contributors. This is only for publications who have a redaction.

If you have relevant news you can always contact these publications.


The SignpostEdit

(Scope: general and the English Wikipedia)

Other Wikipedia-based newslettersEdit

This Month in GLAMEdit


Wikisource NewsEdit

(scope: project)


Wikipedia WeeklyEdit

  • WikipediaWeekly is a project to produce a weekly audio-recording (podcast / netcast) that provides an informative dose of audio information regarding Wikipedia and our fellow projects.
    • Its unofficial off wiki homepage is - contains RSS feed for subscription in podcast clients.
    • Contact WikipediaWeekly by leaving messages for User:Fuzheado or User:Tawker
    • Email contact wikipediaweekly at wikipediaweekly dot com



See alsoEdit

  • Mailing lists – the recently created Wikimedia Announce is appropriate for general Wikimedia-wide announcements, while Foundation-l was traditionally used for this purpose; otherwise use the appropriate project list
  • Chapter reports – for Chapter goings-on; some of them include updates and insights on local language Wikimedia projects (including sister projects)
  • w:de:Wikipedia:Newsletter – an overview of Wikimedia newsletters, wiki pages, and blogs bringing news on Wikipedia and its sister projects as well as on Wikimedia matters (in German)


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