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As an non-profit charity with limited resources, help from volunteers is crucial for Wikimedia Hong Kong's survival.

Permanent position for VolunteersEdit

Apart from elected post of directors, the current administration had also appointed several administrative assistants (AAs) to work in The Executives, under the direct command of the Directory.

Helping the directors to finish the daily administrative tasks, AAs may also be sent to represent the Executives or the Directory in some public occasion, especially events aimed to press or public outreach. In this manner, AAs are eligible to print name cards on the behalf of the Chapter, to coup of such occasions.

Currently, all four commissions of the Executives, Secretariat, Treasury, Communications & Outreach Commissions are open for more volunteers to be appointed to be AAs.

Relevantly fluent Spoken-English & good written-English are required for the post, as it involved amount of work in English, in the case of most communications with Wikimedia Foundation & local counterparts in Hong Kong are usually conducted in English.

Specific project in a particular periodEdit

The Chapter will host events or launch projects in particular time. These projects may need some extra volunteers to help around.

However, there is no specific plans for asking more volunteers in the projects below. However, if you're a professional with relevant skills, you may offer us a help.

Voluntary Counsel & AuditorEdit

As a legal person, a counsel is invertible if the chapter is involved in a lawsuit. & according to Hong Kong Law, the finance of the Chapter should be examined by a qualified auditor annually.

As a non-profit charity with limited resources, the chapter is looking forward to relevant professional to serve this purpose as volunteers. Honorary posts, like advisors of the chapter are available for such volunteer efforts.

Here are some information about our previous efforts for a Voluntary auditor.

Contact us if interestedEdit

If you would like to help us in the ways above, or another means, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail: or refer to Get Contacted Section of the Main Page