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This is a part of Topic panels series within the ambit of Call for feedback: Community board seats.

For a moment, let’s imagine. What if… the Board would commit to a regional diversity quota? How would this regional quota be defined? How would it affect the community voting processes expected this year?

Important clarification: Board members don’t represent their identity only on the Board. For instance, a trustee that happens to be a woman, French-speaking, Wikidata contributor from Africa does not represent any of these groups on the Board.

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This topic has been defined by the Facilitation team independently from the Board, based on the feedback received during the Call for feedback.

There is no current consensus about regional quotas.

This is not to suggest that this will be the approach embraced. This is an opportunity to explore how such an approach might work.


Please feel free to write down your topic-related questions and suggestions on the talk page before the panel starts. Panel moderators are glad to make them part of the discussion. Of course, you are invited to write in any language. The facilitation team will take care of translations.





Participants can express their interests beforehand, please sign up here:


All participants agree to abide by the Friendly space policy for Wikimedia events.

The panel will last 45 minutes, followed by a 45-minute open mic discussion, where everyone’s free to ask questions or to contribute to the further development of the panel's topic.

How to join

During the meeting

  • Please mute yourself when you are not speaking.
  • If you want to ask a question, raise your hand and wait until your turn arrives.
  • Keep your questions short and on the topic of the panel.
  • Don’t worry about notifications of late arrivals requesting access. The organizers will approve them.
  • The meetings will be recorded.
  • Automatic captions will be enabled.
  • Expect basic moderation for the turn of questions and muting noise.
  • Expect quick moderation if anyone disrupts the room (the link is public, anyone can join)
  • If there is interest, at the end of the panel team members will stay and keep the room open for continuing conversation.
  • Due to technical limitations, we cannot offer live-streaming (we had to choose between automatic captions or live-streaming).

After the meeting

  • On the following days, expect:
    • Video recordings available on Commons and YouTube
    • A report
    • Full automatic transcript