Wikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard/25 February 2016 - Executive transition planning

Viesti Patricio Lorentelta

Tämän viestin, "Executive transition planning", on lähettänyt Patricio Lorente 25. helmikuuta 2016.

Rakkaat ystävät,

Tällä viikolla johtokunta hyväksyi Lilan eroamisen. Hänen viimeinen päivänsä tulee olemaan 31. maaliskuuta 2016.

Haluaisin kiittää Lilaa työstään kuluneen kahden vuoden aikana, ja hänen intohimostaan yhteiseen missioomme. Toivomme hänelle yhdessä kaikkea hyvää tulevaisuuden pyrkimyksissä ja saavutuksissa.

The Board of Trustees is meeting regularly to determine next steps. Our top priority is to develop a clear transition plan that seeks to build confidence with community and staff, appoint interim leadership, and begin the search for a new Executive Director. We will continue working closely together over the coming days, and will share an update next week.

This work will require extensive collaboration by the Board over the next few weeks. Although we know you’ll have questions, it is likely we’ll be very focused on planning the next steps. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


Viesti Lila Tretikovilta

Tämän viestin, "Thank you for our time together.", on lähettänyt Lila Tretikov 25. helmikuuta 2016.

Rakkaat Wikimedia-ystävät,

It is with great respect that I have tendered, and the board has accepted, my resignation as Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation earlier this week. I am both inspired by, and proud of, the many great things we have all accomplished at the Foundation over the last two years, most significantly reversing the loss of our editorial community. I would like to thank our Board of Trustees and Advisors, our Foundation staff, as well as the many outstanding community members for their support and encouragement on this journey. I remain passionate about the value and potential of open knowledge and Wikimedia to change the world. My last day at the Foundation will be March 31, 2016.

Wikimedia occupies a special place in the world. It is a cultural and technological revolution. Change is necessary to keep it thriving. In bringing me in as the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation the Board tasked me with making changes to serve the next generation and ensure our impact in the future. Driving these changes has been challenging, and I have always appreciated the open and honest discourse we have had along the way. However, I am moved by the accomplishments we have achieved during this time:

I move on with confidence that the Foundation can meet new challenges in a challenging environment. I believe in our ability to continue to lead through this change. At this critical juncture for the Foundation, and for the free and open knowledge movement as a whole, solidarity, creativity, adaptability and passion will continue to propel our movement forward, and empower our vision towards our future.

I will support the process of identifying our new leadership in every way that I can, and offer my assistance to the Board as they conduct their search for my successor. It has been an honor to serve and to contribute to our great movement.

Lämpimin terveisin,