Comité d'audit de la Fondation Wikimedia

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The Audit Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation represents the Board of Trustees in its oversight of financial and accounting issues, providing advice and counsel based on the experience of committee members in business, financial and accounting matters. It also serves as Board-level oversight of the relationship with the independent auditor (currently KPMG). Audit Committee members serve one-year terms, typically beginning at the start of the fiscal year in July. The committee is typically chaired by a Trustee with a financial background, supported by the Treasurer and CFO, and may include representatives from the community, advisory board, or other outside advisers.

The committee's operation is governed by a charter. It can be contacted publicly on this talk page.

Statut de membre

2023–2024 fiscal year

Regular members[1]
Observers, advisors and alternates
  • Advisors: Julian Singh, Michael Snow and Tanya Capuano
  • Staff Liaison: Jaime Villagomez (Wikimedia Foundation, Chief Financial Officer)
  • Alternate: Nataliia Tymkiv (Board of Trustees)
  • Alternate: Mike Peel (Board of Trustees)
  • Alternate: Luis Bitencourt-Emilio (Board of Trustees)

Pour les années écoulées, voir : la liste historique des membres.


Depuis 2013, les minutes sont postées à l'issue de chaque réunion.

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