Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2022-2023/draft/Two-Way Planning

Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan 2022-2023

We, the Wikimedia contributors, communities, and organizations, will advance our world by collecting knowledge that fully represents human diversity, and by building the services and structures that enable others to do the same. We will carry on our mission of developing content as we have done in the past, and we will go further. - from our Strategic Direction

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Historically, the Wikimedia Foundation’s plan has been presented as primarily one-way information sharing of the organization’s work. As this year’s annual plan more explicitly contributes to the wider and longer-term 2030 movement strategy, we would like to spend the year ahead also asking others who share similar goals what they are planning. In our community conversations this April, we will share our plan but also invite others to share their plans, too.

Over time, this may help us all better visualize the collective needs, efforts, and opportunities across communities and to identify further collaborations that could be developed or deepened by region, by project, or by another area of interest.

In It TogetherEdit

Barn raising is a fundamental concept in online communities like ours.[1]

This “occurs when a community actively decides to come to the same place at the same time to help achieve some specific goal.” The metaphor comes from the collective effort needed to raise an actual barn, a process that is all but impossible to do on one’s own, and demands collaboration and good will from a community.[2]

Wikis are built by people coming together to achieve something that one person couldn’t do alone. The Foundation’s annual planning is no different. As our movement has shown time and time again, we are better at tackling big ideas and challenges when we come together. A successful plan that truly moves us forward can’t be built by just a CEO, or just a leadership team, or just a small group − even if those people are ultimately accountable. It takes a lot more work and collective effort to shape things together, and to co-create in the wiki spirit of good-faith collaboration.

We hope this is a step in that direction.

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  1. ; This is also where Barnstars come from, as tokens of appreciation for individual efforts.
  2. While mostly reminiscent of 18th- and 19th-century rural North America, barn raising is only one example of communal work encountered in many societies around the world. The Indonesian ethos of Gotong royong similarly refers to carrying burdens together, which sometimes translates to literally carrying your neighbor’s home to a new location.