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Every year at the Wikimedia Conference, the participants bring sweets/candy from where they come from to the conference to share with others on the table of Sweets of the world. The tradition was initiated by Wikimedia Mexico in 2012. But what are the various sweets on that table?

This list serves multiple goals. First, you get to learn the names of the sweets on the table. Second, you get the opportunity to read more about the candy. And last but not least, you can write articles about the sweets in your local language. As a bonus, just like in the WikiCheese project, you get a chance to taste them as well!!




Please add the sweets you bring in the list below.

Hopefully this can inspire other users to write a Wikipedia article about your sweets!
Therefore, please add a link to Wikipedia article about your sweets, as well as the Wikidata item (so people can quickly look up if it already exists in their language) and a link for images on Commons.

If there are no photos yet on Commons of your sweets, please photograph them!


  • Australia: Tim Tams (Wikidata), Caramello Koalas (Wikidata)
  • Armenia: dried fruits, nuts,
  • Austria: Manner waffles, Mozartkugeln,
  • Azerbaijan: noghul,
  • Bangladesh: Mango bars,
  • Bashkortostan: honey,
  • Bolivia: ceibolitos
  • Chile: Super 8 (chocolate biscuit bars) and Negrita (vainilla cookie covered with chocolate),
  • Colombia: coffee hard candy,
  • Cote d'Ivoire: chocolate,
  • Denmark: chocolates with caramel, chocolate truffles, berries in alcohol ("Sweet moments"),
  • Egypt: assalia, nougat,
  • Estonia: best of Kalev,
  • Ecuador: chocolate covered berries,
  • France (Bretagne), kouign-amann (litt. cake butter in Breton), galettes
  • Georgia: churchkhela, White Moons candies,
  • Greece: loukum with mastiha
  • Germany: Bayrischer Blockmalz (malt candies),
  • Hungary: Túró Rudi, Pilóta keksz ("pilot cookie"), Negro, Dunakavics
  • India: Petha, Sonpapdi, Kaju Barfi, shankarpali, Chikke, Besan laddu, Balushahi, Sutarponi
  • Indonesia: "Permen Jahe" (ginger candy), Permen Asem (tamarind candy), Snack Jagung Balado Pedas (balado chili corn chips).
  • Iraq: Min Al-Sama,
  • Ireland: Tayto cheese and onion crisps, Jacob's Fig Rolls (biscuits), Kimberly (marshmallow coconut biscuits), Emerald Irish Caramels, Irish Cadbury's chocolate (milk chocolate, fruit and nut, and caramel bars), w:en:Wagon Wheels (chocolate biscuits), Club (chocolate biscuit bars), Athlone Sweets Raspberry Bon-bons
  • Israel: butter almond cookies, ..., ..., Pesek Zman (chocolate with wafer)
  • Italia: amaretti, confetti deluxe, gianduiotti
  • Korea: grapes smth, caramel sweets, milk-strawberries sweets,
  • Macedonia: rum bar,
  • Malaysia: Dodol,
  • Mexico: palanqeta, caramelized fruits, Alegrias, Tamarindo, Obleas, coconut candy, milk candy,
  • Nepal: khattu, hug plum Titaura, churpi, pusta kari,
  • Netherlands: Wilhelmina Pepermunt, stroopwafels (Wikidata/Commons) Join: Association of Stroopwafel Addicts!
  • Nigeria: Kuli-Kuli, Chin-Chin, Spicy Cashew Nuts, Plantain Chips
  • Norway: milk chocolate with nuts,
  • Philippines: pilinuts,
  • Poland: cinnamon cookies,
  • Republika Srpska: cherry strudel, Eurocrem Blok,
  • Russia: "Zolotoy Step" and other different candies,
  • Taiwan: cookies with onions, kuaikuai biscuit, pea crackers, rice cakes, brown sugar malt cookies, soft flour cakes,
  • Thailand: fried shrimp chips, rice cracker with pork floss
  • Tunisia: traditional sweets(Baklawa, kaak warka..), dates
  • Serbia: chocolate Banana,
  • Slovakia: Chkumky, Lupienky solene, Snehulky
  • South Africa: Fizzer (Wikidata), ...
  • Spain: Hurdanitos (Raspberry, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Sri Lanka: Rulana cookies, milk toffees, coconut rock toffees,
  • Sweden: Bilar, Djungelvral, Marabou, Turkish pepper
  • Switzerland: chocolate,
  • UK: Wagon Wheels,
  • Ukraine: marshmallows, "Crazy Bee", "Crabs",
  • USA: Buckeyes, salty water toffy, dark chocolates, Jolly Rancher, C. Howard's violet mints, peanuts, Theo Chocolate bars (primarily black rice quinoa crunch)
  • ?: фініки,

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