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Wikimania will take place August 4-6, 2006. If last year is any indication, Wikimania will involve a week of community gatherings, discussions and hacking; with a few days of packed presentations and large crowds. There will be trips into the city and surrounding countryside. This page deals with organizing the program and the related problem of organizing the venue.

Call for Participation | distributing the CfP

Open to-do list


Here are some jobs that need doing as of March 18, 2006.

Brassratgirl 21:05, 18 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Conference schedule


Schedule: extra days Mon-Wed for hacking, then a four-track conference Fri-Sun, then final gatherings and outings on the next Mon.

Another possibility suggested, to move the extra days after the rest of the event: a main conference Fri-Sun, then days for hacking, &c Mon-Wed (meanwhile other attendees could see the area or the city, and stay for another night). Other ideas included a day for the community to meet before the greater chaos of the conference, regardless of when the extra days are; and planning community events as well as hacking for those extra days.



Note that everything below has been SUGGESTED or PROPOSED by a member of the community or other interested parties. Nothing is fixed yet. This page is simply a collection of what’s been suggested so far in various places (irc, wiki, etc). Please feel free to make your own suggestions or discuss the ones already here. "From" notes after suggestions simply note where the suggestions were made. Brassratgirl 01:36, 22 November 2005 (UTC))[reply]

Program team


Program timeline


cfp dates:

  • 30 Mar 2006  : Proposal deadline for workshops and tutorials
    • Notification of acceptance: by April 30
  • 15 Apr 2006  : Abstracts due for panels, papers, posters and presentations
    • Notification of acceptance: by May 15
  • 1 Jul 2006 : Final submissions
  • 4-6 Aug 2006 : Wikimania

See schedule for program team proposed here: User:Brassratgirl/Program_master_plan

Program meetings


Program meetings are now held weekly; other meetings are irregular. For meeting schedule and to list your availability, see Wikimania 2006/Planning#Meetings



For a list of suggested speakers and panels, see Wikimania 2006/Program ideas.

Main conference tracks


See the Wikimania 2006 Call for Participation and its Talk page for the themes/tracks suggested in the CfP. If there are other important conceptual themes to address, suggest them and we can discuss whether there is a reasonable way to integrate them into the program -- or to suggest them as themes for future years.

  • See Wikimania 2006/Program ideas for discussion on whom to invite for each theme
  • Birds of a Feather (BOF) topics: how many, on what, when to leave time?


  • Having tutorials has also been proposed. For specific suggestions or to add a tutorial, see program ideas. Deadline for submitting tutorials is March 30th.

Hacking days


Will happen for 3 days prior to conference, at MIT's media lab

Ideas for what to include Experts to give advice on how they manage ever-larger communities, software-networks, server farms, or database clusters? Community members presenting specific work, like last year?

Example venues

  • MIT Media Lab : 2-3 20-person rooms, near one another, in their gadget-studded loft space. Wall-size whiteboards, projectors. Open wireless.
  • Harvard M-D lab : 2d floor conference room, 30 people; and the 20-person lounge outside. Wall-size whiteboards outside; projector inside. Semi-open wireless.

Satellite events


We won't be able to provide a plenary session for all the people in attendance who might deserve one. At least one potential speaker last year was unable to get vacation time to attend unless he was giving a plenary speech. But we will have an excellent audience for them in the rest of Cambridge. Fairly large satellite events could be held in many places and on many campuses around the city.

Example venues

  • MIT: Kresge Auditorium , Wong auditorium (E51)
  • ARCO Forum (Kennedy School of Government)
  • BU: George Sherman Union
  • Harvard: Science Center auditorium

Suggest other satellite events or locations here.

There is also a fair amount of interest in other complimentary conferences that are going on in the area around the same time.



Text moved to Wikimania 2006/Events



Text moved to Wikimania 2006/Events



Technical and volunteer requirements for recording -- live audio and video broadcasts, daily (or twice-daily) posts of podcasts and text transcripts -- should be worked out. Simulediting on a wiki is a great way to take text transcripts in realtime. FreeMatrix was good to us last year; perhaps we can work together again, with more publicity.

FreeMatrix is more than willing to help out again, and this time around we will most likely be able to do video streaming too (pending some fixes to our setup) --Appleboy 22:56, 30 October 2005 (UTC)[reply]
  • Extension school, radio program
  • Emerson: full media program, vieo production
  • CCTV
  • Harvard radio
  • Christopher Lydon
  • MIT Radio club, Steve Provizer (low-power radio), Rob chalfen/zeitgeist gallery (radio-free cambridge)



The fastest way to access a session's content. Fun to do, for some people. Needs 2-3 people per room on the transcript wiki/channel, or more laborious work after the fact.



Last year's need work and finishing; this year's will be formualted and preserved on the wikimania2006 website.




  • Conference papers -- submission software has been chosen per discussion; we're using Indico.
  • There's a question of whether papers will be on-wiki, editable/commentable by others before the event? (Nov.5 IRC)
  • Speakers should be given clear guidelines and advice; ways should be found to ensure speakers are better prepared (requiring papers a month in advance, asking for precise delivery times?) mailing list



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