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Program master schedule edit

  • March 2: weekly meeting: talk about theme composition, broadly; team leads
    • March 5th-ish: talk about individual speakers
  • March 9: weekly meeting: more on individual speakers
  • March 16, weekly meeting: more on speakers if nec., deadline for list of prioritized names to sj & psa
    • by March 19: parallel-tracked invites out (via sj/psa)
  • March 23: weekly meeting: discuss art, workshops/panels, miscellaneous

Assignment this week: bug community members to submit workshop/panel proposals

  • March 30: weekly meeting: deadline for panels, workshops discussion of same, report on invites accepted
  • April 6: weekly meeting: discussion of panels, workshops, report on invites accepted, review of speaker priorities
  • April 13: weekly meeting: more discussion of panels/workshops, art projects, miscellaneous; dividing up paper review

Assignment this week: begin review your set of papers & discuss with track

  • April 20: weekly meeting: final decisions on panels/workshops; pre-review of presentation submissions
    • by April 23: Acceptances sent for workshops, panels (sj/psa)

Assignment this week: continue reviewing papers & discuss with track

  • April 27: weekly meeting: review of where we are in the paper review process, inter-track discussion
    • April 28-30 (hopefully): IRC and in-person review (semi-final, heavy lifting)
  • May 4: weekly meeting: final decisions due on presentations
    • May 6-7: acceptance notices sent (via sj/psa), with requests for bio info
  • May 11: take a break <whew>
  • May 18: weekly meeting: who/what goes in the printed program? update website with speaker acceptances that are in; assign speaker arrangements; scholarships

Assignments this week: work on program text for speakers; Correspond with speakers(s) to make sure they have visas, flights, housing...(work with other committees, delphine, &c)

  • May 25: weekly meeting: work on printed program; begin reviewing scholarship applications
  • June 1st: weekly meeting: discuss scholarships; speaker arrangements, program inclusions

Assignment this week: continue corresponding with speakers

  • June 8th: weekly meeting: final decision on scholarships, approve final printed program, text, send to other committees to include boston info/send to printers (sj)
    • June 10th: notify scholarship winners (sj/psa)
  • June 15th: weekly meeting: update on speaker arrangments, report problems; plan field trips

Assignment this week: arrange/get other people to arrange field trips

  • June 22: weekly meeting: field trips, program schedule (timetable)
  • June 29: weekly meeting: work on timetable (get semi-finalized), field trip reports, report from local party planning committee
  • July 6th: weekly meeting: approve final timetable & field trips, post on site

Assignment this week: get your friends to take on hosting a session

  • July 13: weekly meeting: make sure all speakers are taken care of; speaker-maniac and session-maniac assignments
  • July 20: weekly meeting: check in to make sure you and your speaker(s) are good, make sure equipment for presentations is in order, any last minute changes
  • Jul. 31-Aug 2: hacking days, check-in speakers
  • Aug. 3rd-Aug. 6 - check in & maintenance of speakers/programs
  • Aug. 7th: final meetings, wrapup, draft conference report
    • Aug. 8th: gin & tonics, beachside lolling, sleep
  • Aug. 13th: final report