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See Wikimania 2006/Program for main program planning page; see Wikimania 2006/Program ideas for speakers/idea suggestions.



We had a couple parties and some excellent tours last summer. Parties need planning and loving attention; tours need hosts, leaders and planning. There are many great [hb]iking paths, museums, libraries, and waterfronts near Boston. Suggest ones you would like to visit, or would like others to visit, photograph, and tell you about.

Potential party locations:

  • The DeCordova Museum (300), the Boston Museum of Science (100+), the Fogg art museum (100+), Busch Hall (80),
  • The Media Lab Atrium (300)
  • Annenberg Hall (600+)
  • The Hatchshell, on the Charles (2000+)
  • The Harvard Law School yard (Nov.19 IRC)
  • The MIT Museum
  • Hard Rock Cafe - Boston may also be had for private functions/parties.

It is noted that "on campus you can have better parties later than you can elsewhere in town." Nov.15 IRC

Suggested parties/events/themes

Some possible trips:

  • The DeCordova Museum (wooded 30-acre grounds full of art), the Boston Museum of Science, the Museum of Natural History (glass flowers... mmmm!)
  • Widener Library (Terapages of expertly-bound must)
  • Woods (thre Fells), Rivers (Charles, Mystic), Ocean (Boston, Cape Cod) and Hills
  • New York, New York (a 4-hr drive)
  • Mass Art, Peabody-Essex Museum
  • Ferry(s) to the Harbor Islands, ie. George's?
  • Boston Museum of Art
  • MIT and Harvard art collections
  • Walking tours of Harvard
  • A farewell-day excursion was suggested (Nov.19 IRC)
  • Last year it was suggested that (board, card) games be available for in between sessions 2005 feedback



We had a small writing and media contest at the first Wikimania, and a trivia contest that was great fun. There are any number of other contests that could be great fun; direct wiki connection is an advantage but certainly not a necessity.

Or what about a talent show?

  • "During Wikimania, the participants cooperates on expanding the Frankfurt (Boston?) article (in English or their own language) to show what the community is capable of. Could this be included in some way in the program/Wikimania site?" '05 feedback

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