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위키가 프라이드를 사랑하다

This page is a translated version of the page Wiki Loves Pride and the translation is 65% complete.
For this year's campaign, see Wiki Loves Pride/2019.
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LGBT 프라이드 & 역사의 달들. 위키미디어의 방향.


역사적으로 6월과 10월은 전세계에 있는 게이, 레즈비언, 바이섹슈얼, 트렌스젠더(LGBT)들의 문화와 역사를 알리고 기념하고자 하는 달이다. 전세계적으로 퍼져있는 LGBT 커뮤니티에 관련된 사람들이 모여 함께 각자의 경험과 지식을 논의하고 공유할 수 있는 기회이다.

위키미디어 LGBT가 구성한 위키가 프라이드를 사랑하다

The mission of Wikimedia is to empower and engage people around the world to collaboratively collect and develop open educational content, and to disseminate it effectively and globally. The desire to archive and spread LGBT culture and history is strong both within the LGBT and Wikimedia movements.

위키가 프라이드를 사랑하다

"위키 러브 프라이드"는 글로벌 캠페인으로써, 다양한 위키미디어 프로젝트를 통해 LGBT에 관련된 지식을 널리 알리고 향상시키고자 한다. 주로 6월과 10월에 위키 러브 프라이드 캠페인 활동이 집중되어 있다. 전세계적으로도 LGBT에 관련된 수천개의 이벤트들이 6월과 10월에 열린다. 많은 국가들이 10월을 'LGBT 역사의 달'이라 지정해 놓았지만 2월으로 지정해둔 국가들도 있다. 또한 이 달은 "커밍 아웃"이 기념되는 달이기도 하다.

It is organized by Wikimedia LGBT. 2013 served as a “soft launch” year to build momentum toward future activities.

“Wikis present a powerful opportunity for the LGBT communities to document and share our experiences and knowledge with the world. The further the LGBT movement advances, the more important it is that we think strategically about preserving our history and culture for future generations."

“[Wikipedia] improves with your understanding of it. As you understand its structure and the way it’s created, you can get more value out of it. That’s part of what we want to teach in libraries — how to get the most from a Wikipedia article, and how to contribute the most to a Wikipedia article.”

Gregory Varnum
LGBT activist and founder of WikiQueer
Richard Knipel
President, Wikimedia New York City

무엇을 할 수 있을까요?

Any LGBT events or organizations interested in doing an activity or event contributing content to a Wikimedia project in the months of June and October (potentially February in the UK) could fall under the umbrella of Wiki Loves Pride. Here are some tried-and-true examples from similar projects. An activity could incorporate elements from one or more of these suggestions, or other creative ideas.

Simple but fun. Provide space at your library for local Wikimedians to hold a meetup. It is a good opportunity to get to know each other and plot the course for future Wikimedia collaborations.
A working meetup. Invite Wikimedians to gather their resources for an in-person editing session, usually revolving around a preselected theme (like a particular library collection or a topic of interest to the community). A great chance to see collaboration in action, and work with the pros.
A beginning wiki literacy and editing workshop could be held for staff or as a public program. There are many Wikimedians with on- and off-line experience in teaching wiki.
photography and videography
A picture speaks a thousand words and a video can speak thousands more. Making photos and videos of LGBT culture and history available for use around the world increases awareness of LGBT people.

흥미가 있나요?

위키가 프라이드를 사랑하다에 관여하는 데에 흥미가 있나요? 그밖에 다른 종류의 LGBT 주제에 공동 작업을 논의하고 싶나요?

IRC에서 같이 대화합시다 — #wikimedia-lgbtconnect