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Wiki In Africa’s activities supports the aims of the Wikimedia movement across Africa. We support free expression, a free and open Internet, and the use of open licenses and the protection of the public domain.

Its beneficiaries are Readers, Students and existing and potential Wikipedians. Its target groups or audiences are the individuals and collective knowledge in Civil Society partners (content and network and educational), Wikimedia and Open aligned volunteer groups and education organisations.


Empower and engage citizens of Africa and its diaspora to collect, develop and contribute content [and perspectives] relating to the theme of Africa under a free license and engage in global knowledge systems by encouraging access to, awareness of, and support for open knowledge, the open movement and the Wikimedia projects, working in collaboration with like-minded organisations.

Wiki In Africa exists as part of an international movement of organizations and volunteers that aims to increase the world's knowledge. This work takes place in four parts:

  1. Establishing, through research, the gaps in knowledge that exists on Wikipedia about each country and community in Africa and find innovative and unexpected ways of drawing this information onto Wikipedia;
  2. Activate, train and support a self-sustaining new generation of dedicated and proactive Wikipedian editors from across the continent that are able to generate new articles and subjects relevant to contemporary Africa by changing online behaviour and offline attitudes to knowledge,
  3. Activate, train and support the growth of new User Groups and Wikimedia Chapters across Africa to effectively organise, deploy and reward these new editors through national and continental activities, and
  4. Assist and support the upload and expansion of content that already resides in heritage, culture, news-gathering and academic institutions across Africa.

Strategic prioritiesEdit

Developing and supporting the growth of emerging communities

Wiki in Africa envisions that fledgling and emerging communities are given as much encouragement, mentorship, support, and access to resources that are needed to become fully-fledged, contributing, and involved communities that support the Wikimedia vision within their own environment. It is determined to obliterate the term Emerging Communities by 2030 ;)
Approach used: research, community activation, and building, education, empowerment

Actively addressing knowledge gaps and biases

Through the work of Wiki In Africa, the Wikimedia movement will have identified, collected, and its projects will reflect the knowledge and perspectives that encapsulate the full range of human and biological experience across the geographic and theoretical idea of Africa by embodying an open culture that celebrates, values, and actively incorporates diversity.
Approach used: research, partnerships, education, access

Active focus on diversity, inclusion, and empowerment

Within the theoretical and geographical framework of Africa, Wiki in Africa will assist the Wikimedia movement to become a proactive agent of change towards the subversion of systems of knowledge inequality, by embracing the values of diversity and inclusivity that empowers individuals and groups to contribute to global knowledge systems.
Approach used: innovation, individual empowerment, education, access

Increasing visibility

Drawing attention to the challenge, repercussions, and danger of the Single Story of Africa. To partner with organisations across Africa, and within the Diaspora to ensure that contributors seize their own agency to decolonize knowledge and the information that is accessible online.
Approach used: encouraging micro and macro contributions through exciting, fun and engagement-driven participatory events, drives and contests

Lowering barriers to contribution

Providing solutions and actions that are easy, fun, and engaging to participate in and contribute content through.
Approach used: encouraging micro contributions through creating exciting and fun events, drives and contests, with level-appropriate pathways, learning materials, and tools.

Leveraging the mutual benefit of partnerships

Encouraging, via various pathways, the contribution, and transfer of existing content from established knowledge custodians, cultural and memory organisations, creators, activists, individuals, and networks. In a similar way, within the Wikimedia movement, work synergistically with Wikimedia-focused projects, usergroups and chapters to collaborate, leverage and assist each other to further the mission of the movement across Africa and it's diaspora.
Approach used: inviting partners to be active collaborators and co-leads on participatory events, drives and contests

Strategic subject focus’Edit

Focus Programmes/Projects Means Tactics used Strategic priority

UN’s SDG 5: Gender Equity

Innovation, Training and education, Community activation and building, Partnerships
  • Knowledge gaps and biases
  • Diversity, inclusion and empowerment
  • Partnerships

UN’s SDGs 4 : Quality Education

Direct interventions and training with schools, Foundation Orange and educational organisations.

Creation and curation of Open Education Resources

Research project into usefulness and usability of Wikipedia in Africa's schools.

Innovation, Training and education, Individual empowerment, Partnerships

Research, individual empowerment, partnerships

  • Emerging communities
  • Diversity, inclusion and empowerment
  • Digital skills
  • Partnerships
Cultural heritage / GLAM

UN’s SDG 10 : Reducing Inequalities

International annual photography contest


GLAM partnerships

Training and education, Individual empowerment, Partnerships

Cultural partnerships, Community activation and building

  • Increasing visibility of Africa
  • Knowledge gaps and biases
  • Diversity, inclusion and empowerment
  • Partnerships
Volunteer and community support Information exchange and sharing

Technical: development of tools Resource support

Movement specific training and skill transfer

Movement specific outreach

Participation and support to other group initiatives, such as #AfricaDestubathon, WPWP campaign, AfroCine or WikiGap

Provide monthly platform for information sharing

Community activation and building, Facilitate training and education of volunteer groups beyond initial activation

Skills transfer for groups to activate

  • Emerging communities
  • Diversity, inclusion and empowerment
  • Lowering barriers to contribution
  • Individual empowerment
  • Partnerships