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Wiki Loves Africa was launched as an annual thematic photographic contest in 2014 (prior to the creation of the association). Anyone can enter images from Africa over the two months of the competition, although events are run in several focus countries by local teams. Over the last seven years, it has been active in 23 countries across Africa - and over 64,000 images and media files that celebrate the variety and richness of cultures of Africa have been contributed for use on Wikimedia Commons.

What Wiki Loves Africa is.
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Themes that have been covered so far include Cuisine (2014), Cultural Fashion and Adornment (2015), Music and Dance (2016), People at Work (2017), Africa at Play! (2019) and Africa on the Move (transport) in 2020. The contest in 2021 was themed Health and Wellness.

Wiki Loves Africa was conceptualised by Florence Devouard and Isla Haddow-Flood in 2013 and launced in 2014. Wiki In Africa has been the lead organisation on the project since 2016, and the host since 2019. It has been previously hosted by the Africa Centre (2014, 2015) and (2016, 2017) as fiscal sponsors. Funding for the competition has been provided by the Wikimedia Foundation, Foundation Orange, with institutional support from the Goethe-Institut and communications support from Unite 4 Heritage, UNESCO.


Since 2014, the project has achieved the following:

  • Over 64,000 images have been entered by 8,120 competitors from up to 59 countries under a free licence (CC-BY-SA) ;
  • The images entered to Wiki Loves Africa are viewed 41 million times each month (May 2020)
  • Wiki Loves Africa's images from the first 5 years have been viewed 466 million times altogether (May 2020)
  • Wikimedia communities from 24 African countries have hosted participation events, information sessions and training workshops; this year, the African-Brazilian community also got involved
  • Over 250 participation and training events have been held up until 2020;
  • A Wiki Loves Africa prize-winning image was included in the Journeys Through Our Fragile Heritage exhibition at the UNESCO headquarters, Paris,

You can view the international winning images from all years Commons:Wiki Loves Africa#Winning pictures in former editions '''here'''.

Project extension 2021: Photographer professional development programme : Nos JardinsEdit

Nos Jardins is photographer training that takes place between January and June 2021. This free masterclass covers various topics such as Free Culture, Wikimedia Commons (use of, upload of images, description), Wikipedia (integration of images), free licenses, and photographic advanced skills. It is targeted to professional or advanced amateurs. The trainees are expected to actively participate in the 2021 Wiki Loves Africa and Wiki Loves Earth contests. The trainers are User:Anthere and staff members of, and professional photographers. The masterclass is being held through webinars and offline events and takes place simultaneously in Cameroon and Switzerland.

Nos Jardins is co-hosted by Wiki In Africa and The initiative is partially funded by Movetia.



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