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WikiAfrica Heritage is a GLAM training and support initiative, initially created for heritage professionals and enthusiasts based within the Western Cape, South Africa. The programme being developed is intended as a template that can be adapted to other programmes across Africa, and beyond. The initial programme started in May 2021 and will roll out through out the year. It is a collaboration between Wiki In Africa and the Simon's Town Museum, Cape Town.

Introduction WikiAfrica Heritage2021 session1.pdf

The main goals of the programme are to:

  • Develop a slow, manageable, collaborative, consultative and supportive programme with Heritage and memory professionals and enthusiasts to introduce and facilitate the integration of Wikipedia and Open movement practices into the Heritage sector in Cape Town
  • Provide knowledge, theoretical information, practical application and programme development support as alternatives in their community and education programmes
  • Inform and assist as heritage organisations put skills and knowledge into action:
  • in the form of content expansion and creation directly on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons and in the development
  • in the development of realistic community and education interventions that are adapted to their unique situations, limitations and resources.
  • Build a nurturing, self-sustaining and supportive local then regional network that helps and assists each other.
  • Share this model with communities across Africa to grow and develop the GLAM space.
WikiAfrica Heritage Team 01.jpg

The main elements of the collaborative and consultative programme are:

  • Knowledge transfer :
Find out about Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects and communities, Open licences and copyright, GLAM partnerships, Education programmes, case studies, etc.
  • Skills acquisition :
Learn how to edit, work with info boxes, add data, upload images, teach others, where the best resources are, etc.
  • Content creation (practical application):
Add to and improve existing articles that reflect your community, focus or passions. Understand the challenges through practical application
  • Programme development:
Support as you develop your own community or education programme

Project Impact (end 2021)

  • 10 WikiAfrica Heritage Members representing 8 heritage organisations in the Western Cape, South Africa received an introduction to Wikimedia and the GLAM benefits for working with Wikimedia Communities over 4 working sessions.

Project objectives for 2022

  • Consistent, active participation over the year by a minimum of 10 members from a minimum of 5 organisations
  • Hold a minimum of 8 WikiAfrica Heritage working sessions
  • Hold a minimum of 8 WikiAfrica Heritage office hours
  • Facilitate the process of members hosting at least 1 photographic event
  • Facilitate the process of members towards hosting at least 1 contribution event
  • Process, training and additional elements documented on accessible, easy to access online space (unless privacy is requested).

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