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Easy way to Outreach

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Sumita Roy Dutta (Link)

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1.To Encourage retd. and non working women editors by recognising their efforts providing net charge and monitor their performance. 2. Outreach can start from home. Advantages. Same net connection. Can discuss always.Brother and sisters, husband and wife, they can develop each other.Like we do in home. Next generation can take it as first hobby by seeing their parents and elders. They can do a better utilisation of time as they sometime spend time in video game and other things which parents sometime don't want.they can help their mother to do punctuation and spelling check. Family can spend more quality time together in a meaningful way. 3.To add more people in conference like giving half scholarship and to encourage to attain new people by giving scholarship without considering off wiki activities, it can be judge only by contribution. 4. Mentoring atleast two new editors and monitoring their performances can be another criteria in getting scholarship for the conference. This way mutual interest between new and old editors will grow in more friendly manner.


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