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Sindhi Wikipedia, its problems, scope and other Wikis in Sindhi

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User:Jogi don (Link)

Type of presentation

Panel discussion/presentation with follow up workshop (60 minutes, or possible to do two shorter sessions?)

Abstract (in about 300 words)

What is Wikipedia especially Sindhi Wikipedia, its problems, scope and various issues, Other Wikis of Wikimedia foundation , their scope and started in Sindhi language

For this panel discussion, I would like to have community members who have experience in this give a brief overview of their experience to provide proper context for the state of Wikipedia and Sindhi Wikipedia. I would like to be able to have time for a discussion where we can think about some particular problems of Sdwiki and such as Urdu Wikipedia, Punjabi Wikipedia and other Pakistani Wikis, so we can evaluate the problems and could help eachother and cooperation regarding the development, improvement of these Wikis. Will discuss other wikis started in Sindhi language


To be evaluated

Interested panelistsEdit

Do you have experience editing Sdwiki and other Pakistani wikis ? Would you like to participate in this panel? Please list yourself below or engage on the discussion page to help frame this discussion!

Interested attendees and commentsEdit