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Guidance of Fountain toolEdit

Dear organizers,

Here is a guidance of Fountain tool. If you are wondering how to create an editathon on fountain or want to check the editathon be created or not before WAM start, please feel free to have a look.

Looking forward to meeting you online soon.

WAM International team 2020.10

(ur:مایا علی) Article points not calculated correctlyEdit

Article points were not reviewed correctly.

ur:مایا علی Points: 22800 new bytes=22; references(58)=58; New Categories(28)=14; Wikiproject(1)=0.5 - Total: 94.5; Reviewed: 22+58+14+0.5=40.5 (06.12.20)

Mistake in total points while reviewing 22+58+14+0.5=94.5 should be total points