WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/Installing MediaWiki and Essential Extensions

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Installing MediaWiki and Essential Plugins

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Wikipedia uses Media Wiki software. Its a Free Software in GPL. So many voluntary organizations and NGOs have their own wiki. So many open source projects also have its own wiki. Running a wiki for documentation or other purposes is very simple and easy. But people think, even most of the wikipedians think its very difficult and it demands lot of technical knowledge. In this small workshop I will explain and demonstrate how to set up a wiki website in a server space or in your own computer. The workshop start from downloading the media wiki software. Setting up a webserver and database server. Creating a database and database user for the installation. Configuring the web server for media wiki installation. The step by step installation of media wiki software. Installation of essential modules such as Gallery, Preloader, Bulk user add, CheckUser , WikiEditor etc. In the last five minutes I will show some of the good and well maitained media wiki installations. The usage of media wiki software should be encouraged. Media wiki is free software so the user community should be strong. So many people use drupla like CMS for documentation and for creating websites where content is created collaboratively where media wiki is a perfect mach. This workshop will be a eye opener.



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