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Introduction Of Offline Wikipedia

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As the conference is going to be held in India I want to add some desi flavor to the topic.There always has been a special bonding between an individual and Wikipedia.There is something good that attracts an individual towards Wikipedia.But as the time is moving on and countries are developing it also requires the development of people's brain too. It is even said that If one develops his own brain he can also develop his surrounding.But people who live in rural areas sometimes are unable to become the part of this development.In rural areas, there is always a problem of network connection due to which they are unable to become the part of this development.A development in the complete sense means the development of both the sectors-1)Urban Sector and 2) Rural Sector. If rural sectors are not part of this development then the development is not done in a proper sense.Wikipedia has always been a great and vast ocean of knowledge.If people are aware of Wikipedia then they would surely find it helpful in gaining knowledge.But as I earlier wrote that people from rural areas cannot become part of this development due to poor network and another factor so if Wikipedia would offer these knowledge in an offline medium then each and every people could become part of these development.


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