Volunteer Supporters Network/Zurich Meeting 2019





Volunteer Supporters Meeting
17–19 November 2019, Wallisellen, Switzerland


Group photo
Chapter Name(s)
WMCH Ulrich Lantermann, Flor Méchain, Ilario
WMAT Raimund Liebert
WMRS Ivana Madžarević
WMHU Samat
WMPL Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska
WMDE Magdalena Horn-Costolloe
WMES Rubén Ojeda
WMFR Rémy Gerbet
WMIT Marta Arosio, Laurentius

Venue and accommodation

VSN meeting: points of interest near Zurich.

  Zurich Airport

  Hotel Belair

  Station Wallisellen Tram/ Bus

  main shopping street

  Main Station (Zürich HB)

  Ganymede sculpture

Wikimedia Schweiz Postbox

Wikimedia Switzerland
8008 Zürich
Adress for postal letters (postbox), no letterbox, no entry, no office

Hotel recommendation (conference hotel with subscription prizing)

Please do not book the hotel on your own. We want to catch special conditions for our event. Please enter your name as a participant at the top of this page and we will organize the entire stay in Zurich.
  • Hotel Belair, Alte Winterthurerstrasse 16, 8304 Wallisellen
  • other, self organized accommodations are possible. In this case, please tag your name on the top of this page with a note, that no hotel room is required for you. Please consider, that you have to realize the traveling times and costs to the conference hotel from your own accommodation.

Arrival There are several opportunities to reach the hotel.

  • Travel by plane: We recommend to take Bus No 759 to Wallisellen, Belair (takes 13 min.) or – if you don't feel comfortable in a bus – take the Tram line No 12 to Wallisellen, Belair (takes 16 min.).
  • If you travel by train change in Zurich main station, take S-Bahn line No. S8, S14 or S19 to Wallisellen (takes 9 min.) and then take a little foot walk (5 min.) or change into tram line 12 or bus 759 (destination: Flughafen; one station) to Belair.
  • Travel by car: The hotel is quite close to the Autobahn No. 1 (exit Wallisellen). Parking is on the ground of the hotel.

Pre-program We are pleased to present you the financial capital of Switzerland in November in the best possible way. That's why we try to take a 2.5km walk to get a glimpse of the structure and history of the city before starting the official program. If you can book your trip early enough, please join our informal group and mark your name above with "Including Pre-Program".

Please respect WMCH's Friendly space policies.



Please pay the hotel lodgment on Tuesday at your departure as mentioned in the invitation mail. Please keep some money to pay your dinner at Monday evening. There is no need to change money. Even small amounts can be paid with a debit or credit card, even at a discounter, or with Euro cash. All other costs are on behalve of WMCH.



To regard the detailed, link-applicated program see here.


2.00 pm
Pre-program little guided walk from Zürich-Bürkliplatz (Ganymede-Sculpture; at the sea-side of Zürisee) along the Limmat and the old town to the main station (2 hours). We are happy to find one of our volunteers whose profession is an architect who will guide us around; after that tram to our hotel. Freelecture
5.00 pm
Check in & come together Welcome – facilities of our conference hotel Flor, Ilario, Lantus
Introductory lightning talks Who are we (at the moment) – one presentation with slides prepared by all participants. ALL
Looking back and forward Results and to-dos of last VSN meeting, discussing where & how to share things. Lantus
8.15 pm
Dinner snack inhouse ALL


9.00 am
Skill Implementation Café Feature and help each other face to face with tools and skills we can use right away ALL
Ongoing and good to know

WMPL's new strategy for the next 3 years (30 mins)
WMAT's expert groups (10 mins)

Natalia (WMPL)
Raimund (WMAT)
1.30 pm
Lunch Staying at the hotel. ALL
2.30 pm
New editor retention Activities in comparison: presentation and discussion. Raimund (WMAT)
3.30 pm
Wikimedia 2030 strategy (1) Introduction into the strategy process and the (possible) impact on our work. IlarioLaurentius
Wikimedia 2030 strategy (2) Drafting a (common) written statement on aspects of volunteer support (possibly) affected by the strategy. IlarioLaurentius
5.00 pm
Future collaboration How and in what organisation form do we work together in the future? tbd.
7.15 pm
Dinner (after 1 h break): Zum Doktorhaus, Alte Winterthurerstrasse 31, 8304 Wallisellen, 8304 Wallisellen (300 m from the hotel by feet.) Table reservation on "WIKIMEDIA" ALL


9.00 am
Challenges Safe space to talk about personal challenges in our work. Natalia (WMPL)
Feedback Reflecting our proceeding prospect. Lantus (WMCH)
1.30 pm
Lunch + Auf Wiedersehen Staying at the hotel. ALL