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Volunteer Supporters Network
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Here you can find different resources related to volunteer support and the Volunteer Supportes Network.

Our own resourcesEdit

We created and compiled different materials concerning community support in the Wikimedia movement over the past years.

Motivation and appreciation
Reach and engagement
Impact and evaluation
Internal guidelines

2022 Hub projectEdit

In 2022, the Volunteer Supporters Network contributed to the Movement Strategy and supported the implementation of several Wikimedia 2030 goals. The activities were supported by a Movement strategy implementation grant curated by Wikimedia Austria and Wikimedia Poland.

Wikimedia resourcesEdit

The Wikimedia Resource Center was created by the Wikimedia Foundation as a central portal for all Wikimedia resources in 2016. It has not been extensively maintained since then, much of the information (contacts etc.) is outdated.

Part of the Wikimedia Resource Center are more than 500 Learning Patterns, including categories like:

External resourcesEdit

Practical and inspiring non-Wikimedia resources: