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Volunteer Supporters Network

Terms of use for mailing list


By using the mailing list Volunteer-supporters (https://lists.wikimedia.org/postorius/lists/volunteer-supporters.lists.wikimedia.org/) you agree to these terms of use.

  • Subscription – Subscription to this mailing list is limited to Members and Liaisons of the Volunteer Supporters Network.
  • Purposeful content – The purpose of the mailing list is to disseminate information and exchange on the activities of the Volunteer Supporters Network and on volunteer support in the Wikimedia movement. Do not flood the mailing list with content that does not show a serious intention to use the mailing list for its stated purpose. Do not send chain letters, junk mail or spam to other subscribers. Do not intentionally spread false information or send content that could damage the subscribers' technical infrastructure or system.
  • Friendliness and mutual respect – Contribute to a pleasant atmosphere and a climate of friendliness and fairness. Welcome appreciative language and communication at eye level. Refrain from statements that are, or could be construed as, intimidating, derogatory, offensive or discriminatory. Threats of violence, incitement to violence, and unwanted sexual attention are unacceptable.
  • Identity and Privacy – Do not attempt to appear to be another person. Do not misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity. Respect the self-selected level of anonymity of all subscribers. Use the names subscribers give themselves on the mailing list. Never disclose or threaten to disclose private information about a person without explicit consent.
  • Administration – The administration of the mailing list is the responsibility of the Members of Volunteer Supporters Network. They can be reached at vsn-org@wikimail.info. They reserve the right to enforce the terms of use of the mailing list at their own discretion, in particular to suspend subscribers from further use if they violate these rules and/or to delete content already posted by them. Individual administrators of this mailing list may independently take actions including, but not limited to, warning, investigating, or suspending subscribers who violate these rules. In the extraordinary event that a subscriber has been suspended under this provision, the affected person is prohibited from creating, using, or otherwise attempting to gain access to another subscription on this mailing list without express permission.
  • Legal Ownership – The media owner of this mailing list is Wikimedia Foundation Inc. registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations under number N03000005323. The Wikimedia Foundation is a foundation under the laws of the State of Florida.
Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
1 Montgomery Street
Suite 1600
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States of America
Phone: +1-415-839-6885
Email: info@wikimedia.org
Website: wikimediafoundation.org
The Volunteer Supporters Network is an independent group, separate from the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Other conditions by the Wikimedia Foundation – In addition to these Terms of Use, the conditions under which the media owner Wikimedia Foundation Inc. provides the Service apply.
  • Other conditions by the Volunteer Supporters Network – The Members of the Volunteer Supporters Network can issue official decisions from time to time. Some of these decisions may be binding on this mailing list. If this is the case, you agree to follow these rules as far as they are applicable in detail.
  • Third Party Internet Offerings or Resources – You are solely responsible for your use of any third party internet offerings or resources. Even if links to third party websites or resources are sent through the mailing list, the Members of the Volunteer Supporters Network are not responsible or liable for their availability, accuracy, or any content, products or services associated with them (including, without limitation, any viruses or other undesirable features that may be present), nor are we under any obligation to monitor such third party content.