Volunteer Supporters Network/Zurich Meeting 2019/Program


This is a extract of the program on Volunteer Supporters Network/Zurich Meeting 2019 expanded links to subpages and to Etherpad where necessary. For every session we prepared an Etherpad page. Feel free to put in some text that recovers the content like a summary or that delivers new aspects for your future work. Please enter your name in the top right corner.


5.00 pm
Check in & come together Welcome – facilities of our conference hotel.
Etherpad VSN 2019 Checkin
Flor, Ilario, Lantus
Introductory lightning talks Who are we (at the moment) – one presentation with slides prepared by all participants.
Etherpad VSN 2019 Lightning — Volunteer Supporters Network/Zurich Meeting 2019/Presentations
Looking back and forward Results and to-dos of last VSN meeting, discussing where & how to share things.
Etherpad VSN 2019 Position development — Position development
8.15 pm
Dinner inhouse ALL


9.00 am
Skill Implementation Café Feature and help each other face to face with tools and skills we can use right away
Etherpad VSN 2019 SkillsVolunteer Supporters Network/Zurich Meeting 2019/Skills
Ongoing and good to know WMPL's new strategy for the next 3 years (30 mins)
WMAT's expert groups (10 mins)
Etherpad VSN 2019 Ongoing -- Presentation
Natalia (WMPL)
Raimund (WMAT)
1.30 pm
Lunch Staying at the hotel. ALL
2.30 pm
New editor retention Activities in comparison: presentation and discussion.
Etherpad VSN 2019 Retention
Raimund (WMAT)
3.30 pm
Wikimedia 2030 strategy (1) Introduction into the strategy process and the (possible) impact on our work.
Etherpad VSN 2019 Strategy
Ilario, Laurentius
Wikimedia 2030 strategy (2) Drafting a (common) written statement on aspects of volunteer support (possibly) affected by the strategy. Ilario, Laurentius
5.00 pm
Future collaboration How and in what organisation form do we work together in the future?
Etherpad VSN 2019 Future
7.15 pm
Dinner (after 1 h break): Zum Doktorhaus, Alte Winterthurerstrasse 31, 8304 Wallisellen, 8304 Wallisellen (300 m from the hotel by feet.) Table reservation on "WIKIMEDIA" Etherpad VSN 2019 Doktorhaus ALL


9.00 am
Challenges Safe space to talk about personal challenges in our work. Natalia (WMPL)
Feedback Reflecting our proceeding prospect.
Etherpad VSN 2019 Feedback
Lantus (WMCH)
1.30 pm
Lunch + Auf Wiedersehen Staying at the hotel. ALL