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My name is Bjarte Sørensen. In non-Norwegian contexts I also spell my family name Sorensen. The pronunciation of my name in my particular South-Western Norwegian dialect can be transcribed using the IPA to [ˈbjaːχtəˈsøːʁənsən]. Follow the link for an ogg-vorbis file.

I mainly contribute in the Scandinavian wikipedia circuits, although I live in Australia. I am Norwegian of origin, but have lived here since I arrived in 1999 to study medicine. I completed my degree (BSc(Med) MB BS) in November 2005. Currently I'm working in Norway in general practice.

I created the Scandinavian meta-pages here on meta, with lots of ideas and tips from many valuable, knowledgeable Scandinavian wikipedians, or WIKIngs :).

I was one of the election officials of the 2005 elections to the Board of Trustees.

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