Translation requests/Wikimania05-book


This is the next "after wikimania translation" to be done. It is the first time we will use a CAT-Tool for the translations. The reason is obvious: it is easier to update pages.

The tool we have already been considering for some time is OmegaT. There are several reasons for this choice:

  • it is open source
  • an integration of a glossary function for Ultimate Wiktionary is planned
  • it is easy to use
  • it can be used on any operating system.

The translations are going to be organised on: /translations.

The translators willing to co-operate can be found under: /translators

Communications related to this project (that are sent by e-mail tho the group of translators as well) can be read here: /communications

Of course many of our co-operaters are new to wikis and so we need to explain "how to proceed" if they want to translate a certain text. I am creating these how to's on my user page for now: User:SabineCretella/howtos_for_translators.

To be integrated .....