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Licensing policyEdit

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Ein spezifisches Projekt der Wikimedia-Foundation in einer bestimmten Sprache oder ein mehrsprachiges Projekt, wie beispielsweise die englische Wikipedia, die französische Wikisource oder Meta.
Freie Lizenz
Jedwede Lizenz, welche die Bedingungen der Definition of Free Cultural Works (dt. etwa Definition freier kultureller Werke) in der Version 1.0 erfüllt, zu finden unter Version 1.0 (dt.
Ausnahmerichtlinie (Exemption Doctrine Policy, EDP)
Eine projektspezifische Richtlinie, die sich im Einklang mit dem Recht der Vereinigten Staaten und dem Recht jener Staaten befindet, von denen vorherrschend auf das Projekt zugegriffen wird (sofern vorhanden), die die auf das Projekt zutreffenden Einschränkungen des Urheberrechts (inklusive der ständigen Rechtssprechung) anerkennt und die die Bereitstellung urheberrechtlich geschützter Werke unabhängig ihrer Lizenz zu Projektzwecken zulässt. Beispiele sind unter anderem und


Whereas the mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to "empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free content license,"

  1. Es wird von allen Projekten erwartet nur solche Inhalte vorzuhalten, die entweder unter einer freien Lizenz stehen oder die sonst frei im Sinn der Definition freier kultureller Werke sind.
  2. In addition, with the exception of Wikimedia Commons, each project community may develop and adopt an EDP. Non-free content used under an EDP must be identified in a machine-readable format so that it can be easily identified by users of the site as well as re-users.
  3. Such EDPs must be minimal. Their use, with limited exception, should be to illustrate historically significant events, to include identifying protected works such as logos, or to complement (within narrow limits) articles about copyrighted contemporary works. An EDP may not allow material where we can reasonably expect someone to upload a freely licensed file for the same purpose, such as is the case for almost all portraits of living notable individuals. Any content used under an EDP must be replaced with a freely licensed work whenever one is available which will serve the same educational purpose.
  4. Media used under EDPs are subject to deletion if they lack an applicable rationale. They must be used only in the context of other freely licensed content.
  5. For the projects which currently have an EDP in place, the following action shall be taken:
    • As of March 23, 2007, all new media uploaded under unacceptable licenses (as defined above) and lacking an exemption rationale should be deleted, and existing media under such licenses should go through a discussion process where it is determined whether such a rationale exists; if not, they should be deleted as well.
  6. For the projects which currently do not have an EDP in place, the following action shall be taken:
    • As of March 23, 2007, any newly uploaded files under an unacceptable license shall be deleted.
    • The Foundation resolves to assist all project communities who wish to develop an EDP with their process of developing it.
    • By March 23, 2008, all existing files under an unacceptable license as per the above must either be accepted under an EDP, or shall be deleted.

Passed with 7 supporting, 23 March 2007.