Toolhub/Progress reports/2022-05-27

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Production release madeEdit

A number of feature enhancements and bug fixes were deployed to the production site on 2022-05-17. This was the first deployment of the production service since 2022-04-26.

The major features added in this release are the new recent changes feed for patrolling and annotation editing which allows the community to backfill some missing information for tools indexed by the crawler which are publishing Hay's Directory compatible toolinfo.json records.

Features added:

Bugs fixed:

Technical debt:

Wikimedia Hackathon 2022Edit

The Toolhub team participated in Wikimedia Hackathon 2022 May 20-22, 2022. Slavina created a page on meta wiki prior to the event which we used to help advertise how folks could learn about and work with Toolhub during the hackathon. Both Raymond (slides from Raymond's talk) and Bryan (slides with speaker notes from Bryan's talk) gave presentations on Toolhub that were live streamed, but unfortunately not recorded.

A number of community members did things to improve Toolhub during the hackathon:

Taxonomy v2Edit

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T308030

Tricia has published notes on the principles and process she followed in creating her strawdog proposal for attributes to expand the data model and facilitate tool discovery. The highlights of this model are:

Who is the intended user of the tool?
Content types
With what type of content or data does the tool interact?
What type of task does the tool help with?
Where does the tool run?
Subject domains
Is the tool targeted at helping in a specific type of wiki project or topic area?

There are a number of open questions included with Tricia's proposal. We plan to do some outreach in the coming weeks to solicit feedback from the community on the proposal and especially these questions.

Wrap upEdit

The last two weeks have seen a mix of code and content related activity for Toolhub. The hackathon gave the team a good excuse to stop and take inventory of what Toolhub can do and update documentation here on meta and in slide decks. The community helped work on data quality and in the process found some bugs and rough spots in workflows that we can improve. We decided that there were too many things already happening at the hackathon to run sessions asking for feedback on the new taxonomy proposal, but we did make progress on preparing for those discussions in the future.